Superstitious LSU Tigers

As a former college baseball player I know how superstitious guys can be.

In fact, when I see the movie ‘Bull Durham’ I always laugh when watching Tim Robbins character ‘Nuke’ pitch in womens garters because I know that’s how crazy ball players are.

Former minor league baseball player Ron Shelton wrote and directed ‘Bull Durham’ so he knows all too well about superstitions and really brought them to life in his classic film.   

That said, last weekend during the sub-regional in Baton Rouge I heard of a ritual that takes being superstitious to new levels.

LSU slugger Blake Dean is the hottest college hitter in the country.  He’s obviously a talented guy but also very superstitious.

Before each game Dean has Tigers pitcher Nolan Cain lick the barrell of his bat!  Seriously!  Cain licks the barrell clean.  Not one quick swipe with his tongue….several long, wet licks up and down the sweet spot.

WBRZ TV in Baton Rouge is the only TV station to film the ritual….I’m efforting the video so we can all share in the joys of the Dean/Cain bat licking ritual!     

 I’ll also be the first to say…keep up the licking!  LSU has won 23 straight games and in back-to-back weekends Dean has been named the SEC Conference Tournament MVP and the Regional MVP!



One Response

  1. It is neat how baseball players have their superstitions. Maybe that is motivation for them to play well/keep focused on the game. Who knows.

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