A reader has sent to us a link from the Killeen (Tex.) Daily Herald from earlier this week regarding former Bears running back Cedric Benson.

Buried in the item is a suggestion that former Bengals receiver Chris Henry has been “working out (unofficially) with the practice squad for the Saints in New Orleans.”

If true, this shouldn’t have been the 17th paragraph of an item that focuses on another player.  It should have been the headline.

So we’re very skeptical about this claim, and we mention it only because it appears in what appears to be an actual newspaper (which of course means that it has instant credibility). 

The primary problem with the story is that a guy can’t work out with a team “unofficially.”  He’s either on the team or he isn’t; otherwise, the maximum roster could be supplemented with “unofficial” players who would be ready to step in whenever one of the “official” players is injured, traded, or cut.

Also, there is no “practice squad” in June.  Teams create a ”practice squad” after forming their final 53-man rosters.  In September.  For now, all of the players are in equal standing.

But, hey, maybe the story is right.  If it is, however, it’s a huge deal, for multiple reasons.  First, it shows that Henry isn’t withering on the free-agent vine.  Second, it shows that the Saints might be engaged in some practices that fairly could be described as cheating.