Hornets 1st Round Pick (If I Ran The Team): #27 Overall Goran Dragic

Since the Hornets season ended I’ve been obsessing over how to make the team better (scroll down and read any of the half dozen blogs I’ve written to Hornets GM Jeff Bower….the man pictured with me above).


The one guy I’ve got stuck in my head when discussing the team’s first round draft pick (#27 overall) is Goran Dragic.

Goran Dragic-PG/SG: Slovenia

Here’s what www.nbadraft.net says about the 6’4 combo guard.

Strengths: Point guard/Shooting guard with great size and athleticism … Great penetrator with a quick first step and excellent footwork … Great finisher around the basket and from midrange, decent from 3pt line … Very competitive player, hard to push around … Long arms … Creates havoc inside the paint with his drives and knows how to pass when double teamed … Similar to Tony Parker in his style the way he shoots such a high percentage and does most of his damage from inside the paint … Still improving, upside is intriguing …


Right now….I say this guy should be the Hornets pick at #27 in the first round!

But he won’t be!

The Hornets will take one of the following 2 players.

Chris Douglas Roberts from the University of Memphis


Courtney Lee from Western Kentucky University.

I like CDR and Lee but I think Dragic is worth the risk.  The guy could be the next Manu!


2 Responses

  1. The Hornets should have considered Goran Dragic as their pick. However, if they want to choose between CDR & Lee, I say go with CDR.

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