Hornets Free Agency

Yeah yeah yeah…I know the Hornets draft is this week but I’m already looking forward to free agency.

(If you scroll down you can read all about the player I think the team should select in the draft. I like euro combo guard Goran Dragic but expect the team to take Chris Douglas Roberts or Courtney Lee)

Now, back to free agency….the Hornets shouldn’t even hesitate, as soon as NBA free agency starts they should go after small forward James Posey.

Big Game James as he’s now nicknamed has won 2 NBA championships in the past 3 years (Miami ’06, Boston ’08). 

Posey is a tough defender so Byron Scott will love him.  Posey is also a solid outside shooter so he can come off the bench to nail shots and fill in when Peja is slumping or banged up.

The Lakers are reportedly going to make a big run at Posey in an effort to get Kobe another shooter. 

If the Lakers go after Posey they more than likey won’t be able to sign shooting guard Sasha Vujacic.

So really, the Hornets are in a good spot. Try to sign Posey and if they can’t….try to sign Vujacic if the Lakers let him walk.

Just get one of these guys!    



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