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Interesting Shockey News
July 23, 2008


Several astute readers have pointed out that the Saints’ attempt to trade a second-round pick in 2009 to the Giants for tight end Jeremy Shockey could be hampered by the trade through which the Saints acquired linebacker Jonathan Vilma from the Jets.

Under the trade between the Jets and the Saints, New Orleans will be required to cough up a second-round pick if Vilma participates in 85 percent of the defensive snaps this season, and if the Saints sign Vilma to a contract extension.

So how could the Saints send a potential second-rounder to the Jets and an actual second-rounder to the Giants.

Per Tom Rock of Newsday, the Giants would get the Saints’ first-round pick if the Jets get the second-rounder.  If the Giants get the first-round pick, the Saints’ fifth-rounder falls out of the Shockey deal.


Shockey #88
July 23, 2008


Since we’re on the topic of numerology regarded traded players, we’ve learned (and confirmed via a super-secret source) that tight end Jeremy Shockey has dropped No. 80, which he wore with the Giants. 

With the Saints, he’ll instead wear No. 88, which was his jersey number in college, at Miami.

We’re told that Shockey didn’t try to make a deal with Saints tight end Mark Campbell to keep No. 80, and that Shockey instead opted for the new/old number.

We can’t recall whether No. 88 was taken on the Giants roster when Shockey was drafted in 2002, and we don’t have access right now to our 2002 NFL Record & Fact Book, which would allow us to answer the question quickly.  But No. 88 has been available during Shockey’s tenure in New York, if he had wanted to switch. 

UPDATE:  No. 88 was being worn by Ike Hilliard when Shockey was drafted.

Fletch’s blog is hijacked
July 22, 2008

It’s Melanie Hebert- I’m hijacking Fletch’s blog for a moment.  Being the newbie at WDSU and not eligible for any awards myself, I thought it would be most appropriate if I informed you about what happened this weekend to your Offsides Blog moderator here… yes, the other Mackel.  I know he likes to post his personal pictures for you (i.e. running with the bulls, early reporting days, etc) but I didn’t think he would take it upon himself to brag  so I’m hijacking his blog in hopes you will give him a BIG CONGRATULATIONS!  Fletcher won Best Sportscast of the year at the New Orleans Press Club Awards Saturday night!  These awards are voted on by press clubs around the country.  The awards ceremony was hosted by NBC’s Hoda Kotb, no stranger of course to New Orleans.  Fletcher also won 1st place for best sports show along with Richard Kiss and Keli Fulton.  I posted some pictures (courtesy of Lauren Hotard).   Congrats Fletch!  See below for other WDSU winners as well. 

First Place

First Place

Keli, Rich, Fletch

Keli, Rich, Fletch

Rich, Travers, Hoda, Fletch, Mel

Rich, Travers, Hoda, Fletch, Mel

WDSU Team 2008

WDSU Team 2008

New Orleans Press Club: TELEVISION


  • First place: WDSU-TV Staff City Hall Riot
  • Second place: Travers Mackel, WDSU-TV Fire


  • First place: Heath Allen, Rich Lenz, WDSU-TV Rise


  • First place (TIE): Richard Angelico, WDSU-TV Social Security Number Investigation
  • Third place: Richard Angelico, WDSU-TV Sheriff’s Deputy


  • First place: Stephanie Moffett, Greg Shepperd, WDSU-TV Signs of Hope


  • Honorable mention: Keli Fulton, WDSU-TV Saints Unique “O” Line


  • Honorable mention: Crista Costanzi, WDSU-TV Grocery Guide


  • First place: Crista Costanzi, WDSU-TV Stella
  • Third place: Crista Costanzi, WDSU-TV Saint my Ride


  • Second place: Richard Kiss WDSU-TV Get Ready Now


  • Second place: Lisa Collins, Amy Sneed, Greg Shepperd, WDSU-TV Election Night


  • First place: Roop Raj, WDSU-TV Safest Places Hurricanes
  • Third place: WDSU-TV Staff Dr. Anna Pou


  • First place: Richard Kiss, Fletcher Mackel, Keli Fulton, WDSU-TV Saints Colts Pregame Show


  • First place: Fletcher Mackel


  • First place: Margaret Orr, WDSU-TV


  • First place: Richard Kiss, WDSU-TV 
  •  Third place: Richard Kiss, WDSU-TV


  • Second place: Dr. Corey Hebert, WDSU-TV On Call Compilation


  • Third place: Bryan Harris,

July 21, 2008

Could the Saints still be interested???


Posted by Michael David Smith on July 21, 2008, 8:05 a.m.

The top topic of conversation surrounding the defending Super Bowl champion New York Giants is whether tight end Jeremy Shockey will be part of the team this season. General Manager Jerry Reese doesn’t want to talk about it.

Reese wouldn’t even say whether he thinks Shockey will be in attendance when the team opens training camp in Albany on Thursday.

“I expect we’ll have 53 players when we play the Redskins [in the regular season opener] who want to be here, and are happy to be here, ready to play as a team, ready to defend the title. That’s what I expect,” Reese said, per Ralph Vacchiano of the New York Daily News. “If that includes Jeremy, that would be great.”

Reese also wouldn’t say whether he and Shockey got into a shouting match this off-season, saying only, “A lot of it wasn’t reported correctly.”

Shockey has reportedly been unhappy with his role in the Giants’ offense, and there were widespread reports before the draft that he was close to being traded. Shockey skipped all voluntary workouts this off-season but did attend the team’s mandatory minicamp.

Julian Wright….Point Guard?!?!?!
July 20, 2008

courtesy: (Mark Stein)

•  In New Orleans, though, it’s hard to top Byron Scott’s ambition. The NBA’s reigning Coach of the Year shared that he hopes to eventually develop young (and long) swingman Julian Wright into a backup for Paul at the point. Pretty interesting if it actually happens someday.

.  The undeniable highlight of my time in Vegas was not having to do any forcing whatsoever to hype up my fellow Cal State Fullerton alumnus Bobby Brown as one of the smash-hit sleepers of the summer league.

Brown went undrafted last year (mistake!) and had to play in Germany as a rookie pro. He came back as perhaps the best point guard here, outplaying multiple first-round picks in head-to-head matchups (Memphis’ Mike Conley, Charlotte’s D.J. Augustin and San Antonio’s George Hill) and prompting more than one team official — having been subjected, like many patient readers, to the ever-present Titans drumbeat in my copy over the years — to seek me out with congratulations on Brown’s development.

I certainly had nothing to do with his progress, but I am naturally loving it, seeing Brown increasingly learn how to get his teammates involved and make decisions on the fly and under control to complement his athleticism and scoring ability. Though he’s not a pure point and frequently has to be reminded by coaches to be more vocal, Brown has become an NBA player. And that’s according to numerous expert witnesses in Vegas as opposed to a shameless rooter like me.

Cressand To Tulane?
July 18, 2008

Tulane assistant baseball coach Mark Kingston has left the Green Wave to become the Associate Head Coach at Illinois State University.  Kingston will become the head coach at ISU for the 2010 season.

Current Tulane assistant coach Chad Sutter moves up to become the Wave’s top assistant and reportedly replacing Kingston on the Tulane staff will be former Wave pitcher Jack Cressand.  Cressand played in the Major Leagues for the Minnesota Twins and the Cleveland Indians.

Jacques Doucet & The Wes Mantooth Band!
July 18, 2008

I started working in TV 10 years ago.

My first job was in the small central Louisiana town of Alexandria.  KALB TV.  It was a great place to start my career.  Nice people, nice station.

About a year after I arrived in ‘cenla’ the rival TV station in town hired a kid from acadiana named Jacques Doucet.

Great cajun, south Louisiana name. 

Jacques and I became fast friends.  I told my favorite dirty jokes…he laughed.  I’d purposely curse at inopportune times…he got embarrassed.  We’d talk about life, politics, our futures and lots of sports.  Fun times.  But, their was not much night life in Alexandria for two recent college graduates in their early 20’s.  None the less….I vividly recall Jacques calling me on a near nightly basis to go to the local bar down the street….”Mojo’s Blues and Brews!”

Actually, he’d call and we’d go to the happening happy hour place before Mojo’s…..Chilis!

Jacques would always pick me up in his pick-up truck!

(Editor’s Note: Sadly, anywhere in Louisiana but New Orleans….a man is judged by the size of his pick-up.  Jacques drove an F-150, so he was a cool kid growing up just outside of Lafayette!)  (Jacques’ Cool Car)

As a non drinker I really didn’t care for Mojo’s but I’d go from time to time for the bar trivia game (which I mastered).  

Each Thursday night was also karaoke night at Mojo’s!  And each Thursday night Jacques would sing enough songs to record a “live album” at Mojo’s.  

Was it horrific?  Nah…in fact….had American Idol been around sooner, who knows…perhaps our cajun friend would have been Chris Daughtry…before Chris Daughtry. 

Okay…so where am I going with this?….why am I delving into the begining of my friendship with Jacques (who now works at WAFB TV in Baton Rouge)?

Well, because Jacques’ secert desire to sing is no longer a secret.

On top of his anchoring duties at WAFB Jacques has found time to start a rock cover band and tonight they’ll be playing their first gig! The band’s name is “Soundbite” and they’re playing at ‘The Mellow Mushroom’ in Baton Rouge.

(Lead Singer Jacques Doucet in Red T-Shirt)

Will I be there?  Of course!  I plan on being Scotty to his Dirk Diggler tonight!

The bigger question is….will the maiden voyage of ‘Soundbite’ result in some botched Van Halen songs and perhaps a CCR tribute that makes the audiance cringe? Perhaps…but I’m sure it’ll be great fun. And who knows, maybe even Jacques and the TV boys will impress us all.

I just want to see lots of cheesy kicks, a rock ballad allowing everyone to break out the lighters and then a stage dive to close the performance!

In fact, their better be a stage dive or Jacques in some foolish leather pants or something memorable considering I’m passing on ‘The Dark Knight’ to come see ‘Soundbite’ perform! 

Before I go….in case you’re asking yourself why the title of this blog is “Jacques Doucet & The Wes Mantooth Band”?

Simple….Jacques and his group ran through several names….JD&TWMB was my suggestion!

Good luck Jacques!

***Concert photos coming Monday***

The Hornets Next Move
July 17, 2008

Okay, now that the Hornets have landed James Posey, what’s next?

The team has 11 players under contract.  They need to sign at least 3 or 4 more.

The guy I’d be targeting right now if I’m Hornets General Manager Jeff Bower is Delonte West!

West would be another huge addition, along with Posey, toward bolstering the bench.

For his career the 25 year old West averages 10 points and 4 assists per game.  Delonte is more than capable of playing the point or shooting guard positions and would no doubt thrive even more than Jannero Pargo did in the Hornets rotation. 

Can you imagine the first two back court guys off the Hornets bench being James Posey and Delonte West (West could even push MoPete for a starting job is he struggles)?  I’d feel comfortable with that.

Now, West is a restricted free agent so getting him would more than likely have to happen through a sign and trade.  And therein lies the problem.  Who do the Hornets have that Cleveland would be interested in?

Here’s my idea:  Bonzi Wells for Delonte West.  Both are reportedly looking for 3-4 million dollars per season.  West helps the Hornets and Wells goes to an experienced Cleveland team…and being the bullying-two guard that Wells is, he can compliment players like Lebron James and Daniel Gibson.

(EDITOR’s NOTE: I just received this email from a Hornets fan named L.J. “Let’s examine this a little closer, upcoming player (West) for declining player (Wells).  This is never going to happen.  Cleveland’s GM would have to be insane to make this deal.”

I beg to differ L.J.  Cleveland just signed Daniel Gibson to a 4 year, 20 million dollar contract.  Gibson and West are arguably the same player!  Cleveland will not shell out big bucks on 2 players who do the same thing.  Both Gibson and West are nice players but not stars.  The Cavs can’t spend money in a foolish way because they have to make sure they have enough cap space following the 2010 season to sign Lebron and offer a huge contract to another premiere player in an effort to keep Bron-Bron happy and in Cleveland. As part of my West/Wells sign-and-trade deal both players could get 2 year contracts.  Wells deal would expire in 2010…..The Hornets could work West’s deal to include a player option for a 3rd year.

As for the final 3 spots on the Hornets roster:

I still think Chris Andersen should be brought back and used as the primary back-up to Tyson Chandler.  With a full training camp and preseason under his belt Andersen would find his way into a regular rotation for Byron Scott.  In my opinion he’d be better than Hilton Armstrong and Melvin Ely. The emergence of Andersen as Tyson’s back-up would then allow Ely and Armstrong to primairly back-up David West.

In my opinion the final 2 roster spots should go to combo guard Bobby Brown who’s currently tearing up the Las Vegas summer league playing on the Hornets team and Ryan Bowen.

To read more about how impressive Brown and Julian Wright have been in Vegas click on the below link:–Midweek-Awards.html

I’m Happy With Posey
July 17, 2008

I’ll say this one last time and then I’ll leave it alone forever.

I wanted the Hornets to offer Lakers shooting guard Sasha Vujacic the 4 year 25 million dollar offer that James Posey got.  As a restricted free agent Los Angeles could have matched any offer Vujacic received but I doubt the Lakers would have over paid for Vujacic.  Vujacic is much younger than Posey (24 vs. 31) is a solid defensive player and could emerge as a starter at shooting guard (which is the teams biggest weakness).

That said, I’m very very happy the team landed Posey.  He gives the Hornets 3 big things they need: 3 point shooting, defense and veteran leadership.  

Unlike some of the experts who think the Hornets paid too much for an aging veteran…I say look at Bruce Bowen.  At 37 Bowen was a one-man-wrecking-ball against the Hornets!  I truly believe Posey will continue to play better with age like Bowen has.   

I also like the fact that the Hornets are in full blown ‘win now’ mode!

Negative people will say the over paid Posey….but if the Hornets had not signed a big name in free agency then those same negative people would have sat back and complained that the team did nothing to get better.

I like aggressive moves and the Hornets aren’t afraid to make them!

Kudos to owner George Shinn and General Manager Jeff Bower for manning-up and pulling the trigger on this deal.    

As for how much Posey plays….I expect Morris Peterson to continue starting at the shooting guard position but look for Posey to eat up most of the minutes at the position. Posey will also play lots at small forward if Peja is banged up at any point in the season.

All in all….good move signing James Posey!

Hornets Sign James Posey
July 16, 2008

NEW ORLEANS (AP) – The New Orleans Hornets have signed free

agent forward James Posey.

Posey’s agent, Mark Bartelstein, says Posey, who played last

season for the Boston Celtics, has agreed to a four-year contract

worth $25 million.