A Blockbuster Trade? Can The Hornets Land Ron Artest?

Okay….so Ron Artest picked up his player option and is going back to Sacramento for at least another year.

Does this mean Artest will play for the Kings this year?

Not entirely.

The Kings will not allow Artest to walk away at the end of next season as an unrestricted free agent and get nothing in return.

Sacramento is a solid team but they could still be considered a rebuilding club….stockpiling young players. The Kings very well may wait until the trade deadline to see if they’re in the playoff hunt but they could also be swayed to trade Artest before the season and rid themselves of any headaches a lame duck type player could bring if the team fails to make a push.

So, I’ve come up with a blockbuster trade that would allow the Hornets to pick up the necessary pieces to make a championship run and that also allows Sacramento get a potential all star player and some cash.

Are you listening Jeff Bower?

If Sacramento is receptive to this deal…..please get it done! 

(Editor’s Note: I am not an NBA capologist but from what I understand about trades and equal money being swapped I think this deal would work).

New Orleans Hornets Get:

SF Ron Artest

PF Shareef Abdur-Rahim 

Sacramento Kings Get:

SF/PF Julian Wright

PG Mike James

Cash Considerations (3 million dollars the Hornets received from Portland for selling the 2008 draft pick)

2009 1st Round Draft Pick (unprotected, could be a lottery pick.  Estimated value, 3 million)

The contracts the Kings would be trading equals 14.6 million dollars.  The total money the Hornets are sending to Sacramento equals 14 million.

Why the deal is smart for both teams:

In Artest the Hornets get the toughest defender in the league and a guy capable of scoring 20 points a night.  The Hornets will also have to take Abdur-Rahim but if healthy he’d be a nice fit coming off the bench (Abdur-Rahim missed all but 6 games last year due to knee surgeries).

In Julian Wright the Kings get an emerging wing player who along with Kevin Martin, Spencer Hawes, Francisco Garcia, Shelden Williams and Jason Thompson gives them one of the best young groups in all of the NBA. The Kings also pick up 3 million in cash and another first round draft pick in 2009.  Sacramento would have to take Mike James and his 6 million dollar contract but right now the Kings have no starting point guard so having a veteran like James may make sense (IF THE KINGS RE-SING POINT GUARD BENO UDRIH THIS DEAL MAY NOT WORK BECAUSE THEN THEY’LL HAVE NO INTEREST IN JAMES)

Is this deal far fetched?  Sure….but who knows.



2 Responses

  1. I hope that he comes to the Hornets! He’s perfect for the team!

  2. it would be very helpful to the hornets. The only way the hornets are going to progress in the postseason is by making big name trades, and kicking out alot of cash, similar to boston trade, mavs (j.kidd) trade.

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