Be Patient Hornets Fans

Patience is not a virtue I was blessed with.

But I’m trying to be patient as I watch other NBA teams improve themselves.

The Spurs have reportedly signed Corey Maggette, the Clippers have inked Baron Davis, Golden State has offered Elton Brand a max-deal.

Teams like the Lakers and Rockets will be getting injured players like Andrew Bynum and Yao Ming back this season. Both Los Angeles and Houston are also after veteran shooter Brent Barry and both teams are rumored to be involved to be a part of many interesting trades.

What have the Hornets done? Well, they’ve re-signed Chris Paul, which is huge for the future of the franchise.

(Editor’s Note: The team officially can’t do anything until July 9th so expect more movement regarding signing restricted free agents and trades starting next Wednesday)

But the team needs to do more. The western conference is insanly difficult. Remember, the Warriors had 48 wins last year…and failed to make the playoffs!

With Paul, West, a healthy Peja and Tyson Chandler the Hornets have a core group that look playoff bound for years to come…but to win a championship I truly believe the Hornets need another go-to guy.

Ken Trahan of reports that free agent swingman Jarvis Hayes is the teams top priority in free agency.

I listed Hayes as a potential player the Hornets may be interested in last week and I really do like Hayes. Just not as the big off season signee!

Hayes would be a great bench player for the Hornets and an insurance policy if Peja misses time due to injury. Hayes could also eat into Morris Peterson’s minutes as a back-up.

But that’s all Hayes is. To me, Hayes is no better than Rasual Butler and not as good as Bonzi Wells. Sure, people will try to spin Hayes into a blossoming player, a 26 year old who averages about 9 points per game and who just needs more playing time to be successful. I wish that were the case.

I think Hayes is what he is, a quality bench player. He’d be a nice fit, but after listening to Hornets coach Byron Scott and general manager Jeff Bower, I believe the Hornets have to and will do more.

I truly believe the Hornets will pull off a sign and trade for Ben Gordon….or another player that makes NBA analysts and fans go…..”now the Hornets are a better team…a championship contender…..a team that no one in the west wants to face!”

I’m on the Ben Gordon kick because I can’t really see him going back to Chicago.  The Bulls have #1 overall pick Derick Rose and Kirk Hinrich at the point guard position and Larry Hughes and his 12 million dollar a year salary at the shooting guard spot.  The Bulls also have developing euro 2-guard Thabo Sefolosha.  If Hinrich is not traded he’s reportedly going to play a combo guard role and eventually move into the shooting guard spot alongside Rose.  So where does Gordon fit in with the Bulls?

He doesn’t!    

Gordon turned down a 5 year, 50 million dollar deal last offseason.  He will never recoup that money.  The Hornets could offer the full midlevel exception in a sign and trade allowing Chicago to rid themselves of a lame duck shooter and pick up a player or two off the Hornets roster they’re interersted in.

Gordon would still get a worth while pay day and would have the opportunity to move into a starting role with one of the best core groups in the NBA.

I’m going to be patient….because I truly believe this deal will get done!



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