Bring Back Boki & Dickau

Call me crazy but I think the Hornets should look into signing 2 former players.




What do the Hornets need right now?

4 things.

1. A shooting guard capable of pushing Morris Peterson for a starting job or coming off the bench to knock down shots.

2. A back up point guard (or combo guard) to fill the role of Jannero Pargo…assuming Pargo leaves for another team.

3. A back up wing player capable of coming off the bench to fill in for Peja.

4. A back up big man capable of backing-up both David West and Tyson Chandler.

Two of the four needs (#2 and #3 on my above list) could be met with two former Hornets who are on the market right now and could be signed for cheap.

Small forward Bostjan Nachbar is an unrestricted free agent. Also looking for work is point guard Dan Dickau.

Nachbar was traded in 2006 to New Jersey….not because he wasn’t a good player or a guy Byron Scott disliked but because the Hornets were trying to make a push for the final playoff position in the Western Conference and the team needed a big man. Boki was traded for Mark Jackson. At the time of the trade the Hornets also thought they had a solid back-up wing player in Rasual Butler. The Hornets traded the wrong guy, Butler has gotten worse over the past couple of years and Nachbar has flourished as a reserve in Jersey.

Dickau was not re-signed following a breakout year in 2005. Why? Not because he was not liked by coaches and management but because the team was set to draft a point guard 4th overall (Chris Paul) and because Speedy Claxton was under contract for 5 million dollars.

So why not look at bringing these two back?

Nachbar would be a perfect back up to both Peja and MoPete.

Boki made 2.5 million dollars last season. He could be signed for the same price or even cheaper. Maybe a 2 year 4 million dollar deal.

Dickau made only 700,000 last year playing for the Clippers. He could be brought in on a 1 year deal for roughly the same price.

For 3 million dollars the team could get 2 players…..right now Jannero Pargo is pushing for 3 million annually for 3 years.

When you break down the numbers their really is not a tremendous difference between Pargo and Dickau. Dickau will be 30 when the season starts, Pargo will be 29. They’re the same size and have very similar skill sets. Yes, Pargo has averaged more points the past 2 years….but he’s also been placed in a role in Byron Scott’s offense that’s allowed him to flourish. Prior to his arrival in New Orleans Pargo was averaging 3 and 4 points per game. His career points per game total in 6.9. Dickau averages 5.8 points per game for his career.

So for 2 million dollars less why not let Pargo leave and sign Dickau?

As for Boki….the Hornets are looking for a shooter off the bench and have reportedly targeted Jarvis Hayes for this role.

Like Pargo and Dickau…..Nachbar and Hayes are near mirror images of one another. Boki is 28 years old today (July 3rd) and Hayes will be 27 when the season starts.

Hayes averages 8.3 points per game while Nachbar goes for 7.1. Hayes has had some knee issues that have slowed him down, Boki has remained injury free. Boki’s numbers the past 2 years are better than Hayes….probably because Hayes has struggled to find consistent playing time on a dominant Detroit team while Nachbar has played significant minutes on a rebuilding Nets club.

Hayes and Nachbar would both make around the same salary if the Hornets signed them. 2 years, 4 million dollars.

So, I see no reason why a smart basketball front office wouldn’t at least consider Nachbar and Dickau.


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