2 Crazy Hornets Trades

Okay, since the Hornets season ended I have thrown out many suggestions to team general manager Jeff Bower. 

But now I have 2 deals that make the Hornets as well as the Orlando Magic and the Cleveland Cavaliers better clubs!

These trades are extreme and might be looked at as crazy…but that’s what a blog is for!  And really they’re not that far fetched (I’ll explain later…just keep reading).

I am also 99% sure these trades work under the NBA trade rules.


Hornets Receive:

SG J.J. Redick

PF Brian Cook

C Marcin Gorat

Magic Receive:

PG: Mike James

C/PF Melvin Ely

Why the deal works for Orlando: The Magic have too many shooting guards and need a point guard.  In James the Magic get a player capable of backing-up Jameer Nelson.  James is a proven, playoff tested NBA veteran who just 3 seasons ago was averaging 20 points per game.  Ely is a veteran, playoff tested big man capable of backing-up at 2 positions.

Why the deal works for the Hornets:  The Hornets need scoring off the bench and Redick and Cook can provide that.  Redick will come to New Orleans with a chip on his shoulder trying to prove he can play in the NBA….which is good!  The former Duke All American will also benefit from all the wide open looks Chris Paul Creates for him.  Cook is a player the Hornets almost drafted back on 2003.  The team was torn between he and David West.  West was obviously the right choice.  Cook can provide more offense off the bench then Ryan Bowen and Melvin Ely did backing-up David West last season.

Gorat is an athletic big man who could develop behind Tyson Chandler and Hilton Armstrong.

Two teams ready to make a championship run…both get what they’re missing. 

Why not make this happen???


Hornets Receive:

SG Wally Szczerbiak

PG/SG Delonte West

Cavaliers Receive:

SG/SF/PF Julian Wright

SG Bonzi Wells (sign and trade)

C/F Chris Andersen (sign and trade)

Cash Considerations

2009 Hornets 1st Round Draft Pick

Why the deal works for Cleveland: The Cavs get the Hornets best young player in Wright.  A guy who’s capable of backing up at 3 positions and who could one day emerge as an all star in the Richard Jefferson mold.  In Wells, Cleveland picks up a rough and tough 2-guard to come off the bench and compliment the outside game of Lebron James and Daniel Gibson. The Cavs also get a back up big man in Andersen who could take the pressure off the aging Joe Smith. Throw in cash considerations and a 2009 first round pick and this deal is very nice for the Cavs.

Why the deal works for the Hornets:  In Szczerbiak the Hornets get a player capable of scoring 20 a night and pushing Morris Peterson for his starting job.  I undertsand Szczerbiak is considered an injury prone player but I’m going with the big risk/big reward threoy on this one.  Szczerbiak has been traded a lot the past 2 years and is in the final year of a huge contract.  If he wants another respectable pay day than staying healthy and playing his best basketball for a strong head coach on a championship caliber team would serve him well. 

In Delonte West the Hornets get a combo guard who’s a better player then Jannero Pargo.  West would be used in the same role Pargo was for the Hornets last year.

Did the Hornets give up too much in either my Orlando or Cleveland trade?

Not really.  With the Clevaland deal, the Hornets don’t seem to want Andersen or Wells back…they have extra cash after selling their draft pick to Portland and giving up a future first rounder is nothing if the team is picking at the bottom of the first round.  Julian Wright is a loss but for the chance to win immediately, I’d do it.

As for the Orlando package.  James is buried on the Hornets depth chart and isn’t going anywhere. Ely is not a difference maker and can easily be replaced.

With whatever cash the Hornets have left I’d try to sign Matt Barnes.  Barnes is a long, athletic player capable of backing-up at 3 positions (SG/SF/PF) and would be a great energy player coming off the bench to play defense.   

The Hornets would also need a 3rd string point guard to finish off the roster….they could find a guy in the Las Vegas summer league or just before the season begins.

2008-2009 Hornets: (with my trades)

*PG: Chris Paul, Delonte West 

SG: Morris Peterson, Wally Szczerbiak, J.J. Redick

SF: Peja Stojakovic, Matt Barnes, Rasual Butler, Ndudi Ebi (Former 1st Round Pick playing on Hornets Vegas summer league team)

PF: David West, Brian Cook

C: Tyson Chandler, Hilton Armstrong, Marcin Gorat

*still need to sign 3rd string point guard


3 Responses

  1. this trade i can see happening, especially since we lost out on hayes and najera

  2. however im not too crazy on the 2nd trade

  3. These are good trade ideas.

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