Back To My First Choice….Sasha The Machine!

The night the Hornets season ended I was already looking toward the next season.

I wrote a blog that the Hornets should sign Lakers shooting guard Sasha “The Machine” Vujacic.

The Hornets brought Vujacic in for a workout back in 2004 before the draft but instead went with J.R. Smith with the 18th overall selection. 

Sasha has emerged as a solid defensive player, a good shooter off the bench and a confident player I think Byron Scott would take to the next level! Vujacic is nicknamed ‘The Machine’ for his relentless style of play and is ready to compete with a player like Morris Peterson for a starting job.  

So, Hornets…..forget all the crazy trades I’ve suggested lately….sign Vujacic to an offer sheet.

Take a chance and give this 24 year old a 4 year deal for the full mid level exception and hope the Lakers won’t match the offer.  Los Angeles seems dead set on trading for Ron Artest so maybe they’ll let Vujacic get away.

Is 4 years and 20-plus million too much for Vujacic?  Perhaps, but the Hornets had to overpay for Peja Stojakovic two years ago and he’s worked out okay. 

Plus, check out this laugh out loud video of ‘The Machine” that one passionate Lakers fan posted on youtube. 

One of the funniest clips I’ve ever seen!


3 Responses

  1. The Hornets should really think about signing Sasha. He really would be perfect for the team.

  2. We need “The Machine!” I have never laughed so hard!
    The PR this would generate would be awesome!

  3. if pargo signs with another team then yes vujacic would be a great addition

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