I’m Happy With Posey

I’ll say this one last time and then I’ll leave it alone forever.

I wanted the Hornets to offer Lakers shooting guard Sasha Vujacic the 4 year 25 million dollar offer that James Posey got.  As a restricted free agent Los Angeles could have matched any offer Vujacic received but I doubt the Lakers would have over paid for Vujacic.  Vujacic is much younger than Posey (24 vs. 31) is a solid defensive player and could emerge as a starter at shooting guard (which is the teams biggest weakness).

That said, I’m very very happy the team landed Posey.  He gives the Hornets 3 big things they need: 3 point shooting, defense and veteran leadership.  

Unlike some of the experts who think the Hornets paid too much for an aging veteran…I say look at Bruce Bowen.  At 37 Bowen was a one-man-wrecking-ball against the Hornets!  I truly believe Posey will continue to play better with age like Bowen has.   

I also like the fact that the Hornets are in full blown ‘win now’ mode!

Negative people will say the over paid Posey….but if the Hornets had not signed a big name in free agency then those same negative people would have sat back and complained that the team did nothing to get better.

I like aggressive moves and the Hornets aren’t afraid to make them!

Kudos to owner George Shinn and General Manager Jeff Bower for manning-up and pulling the trigger on this deal.    

As for how much Posey plays….I expect Morris Peterson to continue starting at the shooting guard position but look for Posey to eat up most of the minutes at the position. Posey will also play lots at small forward if Peja is banged up at any point in the season.

All in all….good move signing James Posey!


2 Responses

  1. the great thing about posey is that he can disrupt people. he can disrupt dirk, kobe bryant, manu ginobli, his defensive presence is going to be felt and hopefully it will pay off.

  2. I can’t wait to see Posey play for the Hornets!!

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