The Hornets Next Move

Okay, now that the Hornets have landed James Posey, what’s next?

The team has 11 players under contract.  They need to sign at least 3 or 4 more.

The guy I’d be targeting right now if I’m Hornets General Manager Jeff Bower is Delonte West!

West would be another huge addition, along with Posey, toward bolstering the bench.

For his career the 25 year old West averages 10 points and 4 assists per game.  Delonte is more than capable of playing the point or shooting guard positions and would no doubt thrive even more than Jannero Pargo did in the Hornets rotation. 

Can you imagine the first two back court guys off the Hornets bench being James Posey and Delonte West (West could even push MoPete for a starting job is he struggles)?  I’d feel comfortable with that.

Now, West is a restricted free agent so getting him would more than likely have to happen through a sign and trade.  And therein lies the problem.  Who do the Hornets have that Cleveland would be interested in?

Here’s my idea:  Bonzi Wells for Delonte West.  Both are reportedly looking for 3-4 million dollars per season.  West helps the Hornets and Wells goes to an experienced Cleveland team…and being the bullying-two guard that Wells is, he can compliment players like Lebron James and Daniel Gibson.

(EDITOR’s NOTE: I just received this email from a Hornets fan named L.J. “Let’s examine this a little closer, upcoming player (West) for declining player (Wells).  This is never going to happen.  Cleveland’s GM would have to be insane to make this deal.”

I beg to differ L.J.  Cleveland just signed Daniel Gibson to a 4 year, 20 million dollar contract.  Gibson and West are arguably the same player!  Cleveland will not shell out big bucks on 2 players who do the same thing.  Both Gibson and West are nice players but not stars.  The Cavs can’t spend money in a foolish way because they have to make sure they have enough cap space following the 2010 season to sign Lebron and offer a huge contract to another premiere player in an effort to keep Bron-Bron happy and in Cleveland. As part of my West/Wells sign-and-trade deal both players could get 2 year contracts.  Wells deal would expire in 2010…..The Hornets could work West’s deal to include a player option for a 3rd year.

As for the final 3 spots on the Hornets roster:

I still think Chris Andersen should be brought back and used as the primary back-up to Tyson Chandler.  With a full training camp and preseason under his belt Andersen would find his way into a regular rotation for Byron Scott.  In my opinion he’d be better than Hilton Armstrong and Melvin Ely. The emergence of Andersen as Tyson’s back-up would then allow Ely and Armstrong to primairly back-up David West.

In my opinion the final 2 roster spots should go to combo guard Bobby Brown who’s currently tearing up the Las Vegas summer league playing on the Hornets team and Ryan Bowen.

To read more about how impressive Brown and Julian Wright have been in Vegas click on the below link:–Midweek-Awards.html


2 Responses

  1. this would be another solid addition to our bench. we should get rid of mike james. he commands too much money and he’s a 2nd/3rd stringer

  2. Lets examine this a little closer. Upcoming player Delonte West for declining player Bonzi Wells. This is never going to happen. Clevelan’s GM would have to be certifiably insane to make that trade.

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