Jacques Doucet & The Wes Mantooth Band!

I started working in TV 10 years ago.

My first job was in the small central Louisiana town of Alexandria.  KALB TV.  It was a great place to start my career.  Nice people, nice station.

About a year after I arrived in ‘cenla’ the rival TV station in town hired a kid from acadiana named Jacques Doucet.

Great cajun, south Louisiana name. 

Jacques and I became fast friends.  I told my favorite dirty jokes…he laughed.  I’d purposely curse at inopportune times…he got embarrassed.  We’d talk about life, politics, our futures and lots of sports.  Fun times.  But, their was not much night life in Alexandria for two recent college graduates in their early 20’s.  None the less….I vividly recall Jacques calling me on a near nightly basis to go to the local bar down the street….”Mojo’s Blues and Brews!”

Actually, he’d call and we’d go to the happening happy hour place before Mojo’s…..Chilis!

Jacques would always pick me up in his pick-up truck!

(Editor’s Note: Sadly, anywhere in Louisiana but New Orleans….a man is judged by the size of his pick-up.  Jacques drove an F-150, so he was a cool kid growing up just outside of Lafayette!)  (Jacques’ Cool Car)

As a non drinker I really didn’t care for Mojo’s but I’d go from time to time for the bar trivia game (which I mastered).  

Each Thursday night was also karaoke night at Mojo’s!  And each Thursday night Jacques would sing enough songs to record a “live album” at Mojo’s.  

Was it horrific?  Nah…in fact….had American Idol been around sooner, who knows…perhaps our cajun friend would have been Chris Daughtry…before Chris Daughtry. 

Okay…so where am I going with this?….why am I delving into the begining of my friendship with Jacques (who now works at WAFB TV in Baton Rouge)?

Well, because Jacques’ secert desire to sing is no longer a secret.

On top of his anchoring duties at WAFB Jacques has found time to start a rock cover band and tonight they’ll be playing their first gig! The band’s name is “Soundbite” and they’re playing at ‘The Mellow Mushroom’ in Baton Rouge.

(Lead Singer Jacques Doucet in Red T-Shirt)

Will I be there?  Of course!  I plan on being Scotty to his Dirk Diggler tonight!

The bigger question is….will the maiden voyage of ‘Soundbite’ result in some botched Van Halen songs and perhaps a CCR tribute that makes the audiance cringe? Perhaps…but I’m sure it’ll be great fun. And who knows, maybe even Jacques and the TV boys will impress us all.

I just want to see lots of cheesy kicks, a rock ballad allowing everyone to break out the lighters and then a stage dive to close the performance!

In fact, their better be a stage dive or Jacques in some foolish leather pants or something memorable considering I’m passing on ‘The Dark Knight’ to come see ‘Soundbite’ perform! 

Before I go….in case you’re asking yourself why the title of this blog is “Jacques Doucet & The Wes Mantooth Band”?

Simple….Jacques and his group ran through several names….JD&TWMB was my suggestion!

Good luck Jacques!

***Concert photos coming Monday***


5 Responses

  1. That was a great story! Have fun tonight and can’t wait to see those pics! Good luck to the band!

  2. That’s hilarious. Geaux Jaques

  3. Awesome blog entry! I can’t wait to see the concert photos.:) Jacques & his band are going to rock!!

  4. That’s a damn strong blog. About a damn strong band. Jacques D – The Coonass Red Rocker


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