Julian Wright….Point Guard?!?!?!

courtesy: www.espn.com (Mark Stein)

•  In New Orleans, though, it’s hard to top Byron Scott’s ambition. The NBA’s reigning Coach of the Year shared that he hopes to eventually develop young (and long) swingman Julian Wright into a backup for Paul at the point. Pretty interesting if it actually happens someday.

.  The undeniable highlight of my time in Vegas was not having to do any forcing whatsoever to hype up my fellow Cal State Fullerton alumnus Bobby Brown as one of the smash-hit sleepers of the summer league.

Brown went undrafted last year (mistake!) and had to play in Germany as a rookie pro. He came back as perhaps the best point guard here, outplaying multiple first-round picks in head-to-head matchups (Memphis’ Mike Conley, Charlotte’s D.J. Augustin and San Antonio’s George Hill) and prompting more than one team official — having been subjected, like many patient readers, to the ever-present Titans drumbeat in my copy over the years — to seek me out with congratulations on Brown’s development.

I certainly had nothing to do with his progress, but I am naturally loving it, seeing Brown increasingly learn how to get his teammates involved and make decisions on the fly and under control to complement his athleticism and scoring ability. Though he’s not a pure point and frequently has to be reminded by coaches to be more vocal, Brown has become an NBA player. And that’s according to numerous expert witnesses in Vegas as opposed to a shameless rooter like me.


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