Since we’re on the topic of numerology regarded traded players, we’ve learned (and confirmed via a super-secret source) that tight end Jeremy Shockey has dropped No. 80, which he wore with the Giants. 

With the Saints, he’ll instead wear No. 88, which was his jersey number in college, at Miami.

We’re told that Shockey didn’t try to make a deal with Saints tight end Mark Campbell to keep No. 80, and that Shockey instead opted for the new/old number.

We can’t recall whether No. 88 was taken on the Giants roster when Shockey was drafted in 2002, and we don’t have access right now to our 2002 NFL Record & Fact Book, which would allow us to answer the question quickly.  But No. 88 has been available during Shockey’s tenure in New York, if he had wanted to switch. 

UPDATE:  No. 88 was being worn by Ike Hilliard when Shockey was drafted.