Is David Being Phased Out?

Watching Saints embattled cornerback Jason David at Practice and at last weekend’s scrimage I can’t help but think the coaching staff has given up – having realized David cannot play successfully in man-to-man coverage thus phasing him out.

David, to say the least, was absolutely woeful last season. The Saints brought in Randall Gay and drafted Tracy Porter to compete for the starting spot opposite Mike McKenzie. Usama Young and Jason Craft are also looking good in camp and could end up starting. Even if McKenzie misses the first few games due to his busted knee – I still do not see David Starting. All of the above mentioned defensive backs can play in the man-to-man scheme and it seems like they are getting the reps in practice. Davis played in a defense known as the “cover-2” while in Indy. A scheme where cornerbacks rarely play man-to-man and have safeties helping out in zones. He can’t play man-to-man which is all the Saints play. I don’t want to get all Oprah on everyone – but to me, David looks like a broken man in practice and dealing with the media. It seems last year’s struggles broke his spirit and his will. While the coaching staff and players continued to use the company line of “he works really hard” and he’s “doing well in practice” we could all read between the lines. That his signing and subsequent starting was a disaster and everyone – inside the organization and outside could see it. Don’t be surprised if David ends up on the trading block late in camp. Similar to what happened to Donte Stallworth in 2006. David can be traded to a team that plays the “cover-2” and the Saints can pick up a late round draft pick in 2009 or a role player. I would be shocked if David is on the roster when the season starts.

By the way – my picks for starting corners … Mike McKenzie and Randall Gay.

Porter looked very impressive until his recent injury which has sidlined him. If he comes back strong, Porter could surplant Gay in the starting line-up.

Look for Young and Craft to play in nickel and dime packages and serve as very good, physical back-ups.


2 Responses

  1. i wouldn’t be suprised if david loses his starting job…although we did pay him a lot of money…i wouldn’t be suprise if we possibly trade him

  2. I hope that he starts to play better for the Saints, because Jason David is talented. He just can’t give up.

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