Hornets New Uniforms

First let me start by saying that I’m a huge Hornets fan.

Some people find religion…I found the NBA in 2002!

I love going to games, covering the players and tossing out my opinions about who the team should sign, trade and cut.

For years, I’ve also been pushing for the franchise to change it’s colors and logo. They finally have.

I love the new logos! Love them!

I love 50% of the new uniforms.

The road (creole blue) uniforms are great.  They’re a great representation of New Orleans. Loud and inspired. 


The home uniforms to me are uninspiring.  What do the Hornets new home uniforms remind me of?  Charlotte!

Look at the old Charlotte Hornets uniforms….eerily similar to the ‘new’ Hornets uniforms.

Personally, I’d have plastered the ‘NOLA’ logo across the chest of the new home jerseys.

But that’s just me.

Also, I still think the Hornets should sign combo guard Delonte West.  The Cavaliers have no use for him and he’d be a tremendous asset off the bench for the Hornets.


2 Responses

  1. i like the road uniforms but the home uniforms arent great. but as long as they play well i could care less about the uniforms. i also agree they need to sign delonte west. they really need some help off the bench after losing anderson and pargo to FA.

  2. I like the new uniforms and logos! 🙂 They are rockin’! 😀

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