Worst Case Scenario For LSU

Okay, let’s say Gustav stays on his current path and comes right for us.

Emotionally I don’t know If I can handle that…but let’s just say it happens.

What do the LSU Tigers do if Governor Bobby Jindal orders evacuations and orders contra-flow.

Does the LSU Appalachian State game get postponed? 

Can you imagine the people fleeing southeast Louisiana & all the traffic from an LSU game Saturday in Baton Rouge?

Here is one possible scenario if all schools are willing to play ball. 

LSU postpones it’s game this weekend with Appalachian State.  They then replay that game Saturday, September 13th. 

LSU was set to play North Texas on September 13th.

If North Texas would be willing to move the game to November 15th this doomsday scenario would work.

Both LSU & North Texas have bye weeks on November 15th.

Just something to think about if things get really dicey over the next 48 hours.


2 Responses

  1. we are all def worried about gustav

  2. I agree: We are all worried about gustav, and hope/pray it does not hit Louisiana, or any other area.

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