By: Keli Fulton (Guest Blogger)

Yeah, About That Jessica Simpson Dissing the Eagles Thing…

At the risk of sounding like that crazy Britney Spears fan on YouTube, LEAVE JESSICA ALONE!! Not that I’m a Jessica Simpson fan or anything, in fact, I only know two J. Simp songs (admit it, you like “With You” too). But just because I’m not a fan doesn’t mean I can’t defend the former Mrs. Lachey.

As much as I love ESPN, I’m a bit irritated with the World Wide Leader’s producers for making an issue out of Jessica’s declaration to the nation, via Good Morning America, that her boyfriend, Dallas Cowboys Quarterback Tony Romo, and his team would “kick [the Philadelphia Eagles] butts, too.” Just in case you don’t keep up with sports like I do, the Cowboys beat the Cleveland Browns Sunday and they’ll play Philly this Sunday.

Now since the producers at ESPN have decided this is a point of interest, this topic has been debated on 1st and 10 and Pardon the Interruption. It was even part of a web poll! Seriously people, is it really that odd for a woman to do a little “trash talkin” in support of her man? Oh yeah, and let’s not forget, Jessica Simpson is a native Dallasite, which means she was probably a Cowboys fan when Tony Romo was still at Eastern Illinois and she was still trying to figure out whether it was “chicken” or “fish”. And as someone who knows first hand how obnoxious we, I mean those, Dallas Cowboys fans can be, hearing an America’s Team Fan diss an NFC rival as hated as the Eagles should be applauded instead of appalling!

And for all of you haters that swear Jessica’s comments will be playing over and over in the heads of the Eagles’ D-Line in a Ground Hog’s Day-Esqe sort of way, STOP IT! First off, the Eagles don’t need any extra motivation when they play the Cowboys, who are what, a hated division opponent. Secondly, they really don’t care that much. In fact, the only reason most of the Eagles, as well as other players in the league, are aware of the controversy is because of ESPN. Come on now, do you really think these guys found out by watching GMA? All Jessica’s comments are going to do is get Tony talked about even more in the lockerroom and maybe yelled at should he end up at the bottom of an Eagles pile, but then again those things have been happening since the T.R., J.S. merger.

So pipe down ESPN dudes, simmer down Cowboys fans, the Eagles were going to come with it anyway. They always do against Dallas…regardless of  what Jessica told the nation…I’m just sayin!


One Response

  1. I agree: The media should leave Jessica Simpson alone, and stop criticizing her. She & Tony Romo love each other, and make a cute couple. I hope that the Cowboys win against the Eagles. Go Cowboys!!

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