Reggie is Better as number 2

By: Keli Fulton (Guest Blogger)

Yeah, about that…Reggie is Better as number 2 

You know Saints running back Reggie Bush may be the number 1 Stunna in a lot of ways. As in, he’s 1 in the hearts of many USC fans and 1 in the heart of a certain Kim Kardashian (hopefully anyway). But in my mind, Bush is best as number 2, as in the “2” in the Saints 1-2 punch.

Bush has proved time and time again, he’s most effective when he can catch balls out of the backfield and use his speed to get in the endzone, as opposed to running between the tackles as an everydown back. Let’s leave that to Pierre Thomas, Deuce McAllister, and Aaron Stecker. Besides, those three have something Bush doesn’t (at least he doesn’t have it on a consistent basis), patience to follow the blockers.

Don’t believe me, well lets look at some numbers. Yes, I know stats can be misleading, but not in this case. For his career, Bush has 1,197 rushing yards. He’s averaging 3.7 yards per carry. Yards receiving: 1,271 (7.5 Yards per carry). 42 of those yards came Sunday against Tampa Bay. By the way, the former Heisman trophy winner scored the eventual game winning touchdown on that play. Imagine that, Reggie Bush’s first touchdown of the season comes courtesy a catch.

Look, I’m not saying Reggie could never be an everydown back (although that’s not his game and the older he gets, the less likely that is to happen). He’s a talented athlete. But I think, the Saints are coming to terms with the fact that Reggie (to borrow a line from Dennis Green) is who they thought he was. And by being number 2 and getting 15 carries or so (he got 14 Sunday), the number 2 overall pick in 2006 could make the Black and Gold number 1….I’m just saying.


5 Responses

  1. Reggie Bush is playing well. 🙂

  2. I agree with the #2 spot comment. Reggie is a great athlete, however, results are not yet reflecting the level of talent he possesses. Let’s face it, famous names don’t win championships…… People who utilize their exceptional athletic abilities to the fullest do. Move him back in the line up until he can outperform his teammates. Speaking of teammates, Reggie once again demonstrated that he does not think about the consequences of his actions and the impact it has on his team. The returned punt for a TD was a great play by Reggie, but it was overshadowed by taunting his opponent and costing his teammates 15 yards. Yea, those same guys who blocked, tackled, sweated, etc. so Reggie could look good. I guess Reggie did not learn his lesson in Chicago. As one of my coaches used to tell us … when you reach the end zone, act like you have been there before. Maybe that’s the problem, the end zone is unfamiliar territory for multi $$ Reggie.

  3. i agree he is a better #2. I think his receiving skills are better than his running back skills. He finally has shown the explosiveness he had in 06. we’re going to need him as long as colston is out.

  4. Reggie is a return specialist and not a running back. Let Deuce and Pierre pound it in there. Reggie is along the lines of a Devon Hester when he can maintain control of the ball. Reggie’s ego has exploded recently similar to that of the temper tantrums of Terrel Owens.
    I went to the Washington game this weekend and got the opportunity to meet the team at the hotel. On 3 seperate occassions, I asked for Reggie’s autograph. He blew it off and did the same to others nearby. Every other member of the team did take the time to stop and sign a few autographs.
    His demeanor on Sunday in the game taunting and throwing the ball away before the half was very dissappointing. I’m to the point where I’m embarassed to wear his jersey.

  5. Reggie Bush & Kim Kardashian make a cute couple! 🙂 They are both nice, caring people. 😀

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