Stubborn Sean Payton…Admit You’ve Made A Mistake

I’m not going to pull any punches and wax on and on about how I like Sean Payton and I think he truly knows what he’s doing as a head coach….I do like him…. but why sugarcoat things.

I’m here to tell you Sean Payton is stubborn!  Being stubborn is sometimes a good thing.  I think I’m a stubborn person.  There is nothing wrong in believing in what you do….their is something wrong when you believe in what you to to the point of utter and complete failure.

Last season Sean Payton was stubborn and refused to replace struggling cornerback Jason David in the starting line-up.  Payton refused to admit he made a mistake with David.  The head coach said making a change would be a panic move and send the worng message to his team.  Really, making a change in mid-season would have announced to everyone that Payton was wrong…and the coach couldn’t handle that!

This year Payton has not played veteran runningback Deuce McAllister.  Today (Monday, September 22nd) Payton said that Duece is not injured and is fully cleared to participate.  So why isn’t Deuce out on the field helping the struggling runing game?

The reason why Deuce McAllister isn’t playing is becuase Sean Payton doesn’t want him to play.

Payton believes Reggie Bush and Pierre Thomas can be the guys to carry the load rushing for the Saints.

Payton is wrong!

Deuce McAllister should be part of the game plan this week against San Francisco, if he’s not it’s only because Payton is stubborn! If Deuce is dressed out and doesn’t play against the niners it’s now a borderline sadistic move by Payton…..a move that says “I want to embarrass a veteran and force him to be the bad guy by demanding a trade!” 

Look, I’m not saying Deuce is the magic elixir for what’s ailing the team but he’s better than Pierre Thomas.

In December when the Saints are 8-7 or 9-6 and battleing for a playoff spot….losses against Washington and Denver will be huge….and accepting responsibility for those losses falls squarely on Sean Payton and his stubborn attitude!


10 Responses

  1. I agree 100%. A GOOD coach can see that his “game plan” from the beginning of the week is not working and changes that plan in the middle of the game if need be.

  2. He does need to admit it. He knew was better off letting Brees calling his own number. Bad call and cost us the game.

  3. You could not have said it better. I think we can all agree that this will Deuce’s last year on this team. I am disgusted watching this team not get 1 yard 3 games in a row. We could easily be 0-3 right now. I say when we are in the dome on Sunday…..we start the Deeeeeuuuuuce chant.

  4. Looks like this guy’s (Sean Payton) is trying to “Joe Horn” Deuce. After 3 seasons at the helm, the cream is starting to rise to the top. And Im not liking what I’m seeing. Can you believe this guy was giving a three year extention!

  5. Sean Payton is a great coach for the Saints; I am glad that his contract has been extended. 🙂

  6. When looking at the news this morning, I was appalled to hear the reason Sean Peyon had for not putting Deuce in the games. Well I think that the name Deuce speaks for itself. He’s proved himself time and time again. We need him! We want him! Let him play Sean!!!

  7. I think we saw the writing on the wall way back when they wanted to renegotiate Deuce’s contract that he was not Payton’s guy and Payton is proving that more amd more everyday. What a shame to waste such great talent that has proven to be an asset for this team because of your own ego. If you can’t do what is best for the team, you do not deserve to be a head coach. Maybe that contract extension was done prematurely.

  8. The game was lost last week due to bad play calling. Why would anyone try to run the ball 4 downs in row from the 1 yard line.
    If something does not work most people will try something different but not stubborn Sean Payton. Most coaches would have called another play.
    In my book he does not deserve the contract extenion the Saints gave him.

  9. i’m not sure what’s up with payton not playing deuce but the one thing i am sure of is that deuce should be playing. at first i thought maybe payton was trying to save deuce hoping that reggie and thomas could get the job done for now and deuce would be ready for a playoff run. i think we all know the answer to that…… NO….. come on payton, it’s time to let deuce loose. forget the playoff run, we need to win NOW or there won’t be any playoffs, period……

  10. I belive you too !! I think the coach is being hard headed about Deuce … Hope that all his fans chant his name during the game especially if there is 3rd & 1 … We NEED Deuce to play…. It hurts to see a great RB Like Deuce going to waste & probably lose him at the end of the season

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