How the mighty have fallen.

Six years after being the third player selected in the draft, quarterback Joey Harrington has been relegated to the continuous churning of the bottom of the roster that takes place throughout the NFL.

Cut and then re-signed and then cut again by the Falcons before the season, Harrington has been signed and cut and now re-signed by the Saints.  In between, he lost out to Todd Bouman in an attempt to land with the Ravens.

On one hand, it’s admirable that he still loves the game enough to allow himself to reside within the revolving door.  On the other hand, he surely has enough money put away to allow himself to move on.

Then again, maybe he still believes that he’s capable of becoming a good quarterback and that he needs only the right opportunity to show that in Detroit, Miami, and Atlanta, it was them, not him.  (Actually, he might have a point there.)

Harrington has started at least 10 games in every year of his NFL career.  It’s pretty safe to say he won’t start at least 10 games in 2008, and it’s likely that he might not start 10 more games over the remainder of his career.