Are the Saints Cursed?

 By: Keli Fulton, Guest Blogger

Forget the Cubs, it looks like the Saints are the most cursed of all the sports franchises. Okay I know, the Cubs legacy of losing is far longer and the number of colossal collapses are far greater, and curses aren’t usually associated with football, but what has happened to the Saints throughout their franchise’s history including their most recent debacles may make you think twice. And in a city famous for witchcraft, ghosts, and voodoo (look no further than the name of New Orleans’ arena team if you don’t believe in the city’s rich voodoo tradition) is a curse really that unbelieveable?

As a matter of fact, the Saints may have been cursed since their inception. New Orleans was awarded the NFL’s 16th franchise on November 1, 1966, which is All Saints’ Day (hence the nickname “Saints). But realize,  All Saints’ Day is proceeded by All Hallow’s Eve, aka Halloween. The day when evil spirits supposedly roam the earth! Spooky!

Need more hard evidence? Well let’s look at the fact that the Saints are one of just six teams to NEVER have appeared in the Superbowl. Of those six teams, one has only been in existence since 1993 (Jacksonville and they didn’t actually play their first game until 1995) and the other, the Texans didn’t become a francise until 2002. The other teams that have never been to the Superbowl are Cleveland, Arizona, and Detroit. And even the Lions didn’t take 21 seasons to notch their first winning season!

Want even more evidence of a curse? As of last season, The Saints have missed the playoffs 35 times in their 41 year history. And if the Black and Gold continues their current pace, they’ll make it a 36th time. They are also just 2 and 7 in the playoffs. Their first win came in 2000 (31-28 win vs. St. Louis), the second didn’t come until seven years later (27-24 win vs. Philadelphia)!

And if the first five weeks of this season are any indication, the curse isn’t going to reverse anytime soon. Actually, the curse began to wield it’s evil ways during the preseason. Seventh round draft pick Adrian Arrington, who was looking like the second coming of Marques Colston, injured his toe in the first preseason game! He was placed on injured reserve prior to the regular season, ending his season. Unfortunately for the Saints, Arrington has plenty of company on IR. Defensive tackle Hollis Thomas was next to go down, but he and the team reached an injury settlement and he was released. And just this Tuesday, fullback Olaniyi Sobomehin, kicker Martin Gramatica, and top rookie cornerback Tracy Porter were placed on IR, cutting their seasons short. By the way, Porter, a second round pick, was fourth on the team in tackles with 25, had one sack, one interception (the only player on the team to have both a sack and an interception), and five pass defenses.

Oh, and let’s not even go there on the injury list that is longer than Rapunzel’s weave! Okay, I have to go there a little. Drew Brees’ two top targets? Out! Marques Colston…out for four to six weeks after week one after thumb surgery. Jeremy Shocky…out for three to six weeks with a sports hernia after week three. And the Saints top pick, Sedrick Ellis, the one they traded up for? Out for two to four weeks with a knee injury.

And while left guard Jamar Nesbit wasn’t lost due to injury, losing an offensive lineman to a violation of the league’s anti-steroids policy is par for the course for a cursed team. Nesbit is currently serving a four weeks suspension.

Need a little more proof?  Check out the following examples from the first five weeks. Three failed 3rd and 1 attempts. Two missed potential game winning field goals. And a blown neutral zone infraction call and $15,000 fine in a pear tree! That curse theory is starting to sound more and more believeable, isn’t it?

Unfortunately, for the Saints, they don’t have a Steve Bartman or a Goat to blame it on…I’m just sayin’!


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  1. I hope that the Saints make the play-offs this year! 😀

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