Random Thoughts

Sorry I haven’t written lately…been busy with the TV work.

Random SAINTS thoughts:

-Why did the Saints not re-sign veteran kicker John Carney after the amazing 2006 season?  BIG MISTAKE!

Olindo Mare was a total disaster last year and now it appears that given Martin Gramatica’s struggles the Saints could be in the market yet again for a kicker.

Don’t be surprised if Taylor Mehlhaff (6th round draft pick by the Saints last April but cut in training camp) is back this week and kicking against Oakland Sunday.

-Why not try Randall Gay at safety?  Gay played safety in New England and Kevin Kaesviharn seems to struggle in coverage lately.  I can’t believe more people aren’t talking about the horrific pass interference call that set-up the Vikings chip shot game-winning field goal on Monday night.

-Please let Usama Young replace Tracy Porter and not Jason David.  I don’t get it…Young was the darling of training camp, a guy working out with the first team until he pulled a hamstring…since his injury he only plays special teams and can’t seem to crack into the defensive secondary.  WHY?

-I’ve got my doubts but I still believe the Saints are going to pull it together and win the NFC South.  Call me crazy. 

I think the Saints will win the NFC South and host the Washington Redskins (NFC Wildcard team) in a playoff game on NBC.

-I think Reggie Bush is going to the Pro Bowl in Hawaii as the NFC return specialist.

-I think the Saints should start scouting and preparing to draft a free safety in the 2009 NFL draft. Remember these three guys.  Taylor Mays from USC, Myron Rolle from Florida State, William Moore from Missouri.


-Call me crazy, very very very very crazy…..but I right now I haven’t slept much and I kinda think Texas Tech has a chance to upset Texas, Oklahoma and then Missouri in the conference championship game…run the table and play in the BCS title game.  So, who will the Red Raiders face?  How’s about an undefeated Penn State club!  Crazy crazy crazy!

-Sugar Bowl prediction:  LSU vs. Connecticut 

I think LSU will lose to Georgia during the regular season but run the table the rest of the way. UConn lost quarterback Tyler Lorenzen but their is something about the Huskies I like.  Plus, UConn would travel an army of fans to New Orleans for New Year’s Eve and that of course helps the city.

Random HORNETS Thoughts:

-The Hornets will build off their amazing 2007-2008 season and win 56 games for the second consecutive year.  They will also finish second in the Western Conferecne behind the Lakers.

-The Hornets will face an upstart Portland team in the first round of the playoffs and need 7 games to beat the Blazers. 

-In the second round of the playoffs the Hornets get revenge and dismantle the Spurs in 5 games.

-The Hornets eliminate the Lakers in 7 games in the Western Conferecne Finals and advance to the NBA Championship to face the Chicago Bulls.

-Chris Paul is named NBA MVP.

Other TOTALLY RANDOM Thoughts: 

-Log onto www.wdsu.com to get your ‘Scott Fujita Who Dat Fish’ t-shirts.

-Thanks to all my close friends that came to celebrate Travers and my 34th brithday (yes, despite acting immature sometimes we are indeed 34 years old).







5 Responses

  1. Here’s wishing you & Travers a happy belated 34th birthday! 😀

    I agree: I bet that Reggie Bush will be in the Pro Bowl this year! 😀

  2. happy belated bday

    im glad grammatica got put on IR. hopefully melhaff can do better.

    the injury bug is killing us, hopefully we can do better though.

  3. Last week, before the kicking became an issue to overshadow this weeks news coverage, Deuce was the focus in that he wasn’t played even though he is one of the best at what he does. That is still a main problem with the offence! Coach doesn’t seem to have a clue how to work Deuce and Reggie at the same time… This week’s game plan for Deuce seemed to be put him in in a situation to fail… Reggie makes an outstanding receiver and Deuce is a power runner through the line, sounds like a perfect formation… except to Sean Payton… What’s up?

  4. I hope that Gramatica’s injury gets better soon.

  5. Happy belated birthday to both you and Travers. What are your thoughts on LSU vs. Bama?

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