Sign Morten Andersen

When the Saints take the field in 9 days, Sunday, November 9th again rival Atlanta the black and gold will be using their 4th kicker in less then 2 years.

They’ve tried old and yound….strong legged and accurate…and all have failed.

Olindo Mare, Martin Gramatica and Taylor Mehlhaff. 

The team made a horrific mistake when the decided not to re-sign John Carney.  Carney is now kicking for the defending world champion New York Giants.

So why not bring back a legend.  48 year old Morten Andersen.

Yeah yeah yeah…I know he’s old and bringing him back would appear to simply be a gimick.

But think about it.  Would Morten miss and extra point?  I don’t think so.

At this stage of the game the Saints have nothing to lose.  The team will not find an all-pro kicker out of work 8 weeks into the season.  Morten still wants to kick, he wants to end his career in a Saints uniform and he fills a need.

The Saints are also in the market for a punter, so find one who can also handle kicking off…that will allow Morten to worry just about field goals.

Can you imagine the Saints introducing the special teams unit for the next home game…a Monday night contest against the Green Bay Packers?

The last man out the tunnel….Morten Andersen. 

I’d do it!


7 Responses

  1. The Saints better sign Morten if given the opportunity. I wonder who the idiot was that decided not to re-sign him in the first place. Maybe this person should be put out in the pasture.

  2. The Saints have missed the Great Dane ever since they let him go all those years ago. Finding a solid, reliable kicker at the NFL level is difficult and when you do find a Hall of Fame type kicker, like Morten Andersen, you don’t let him go until he retires… when he is 60! So bring Morten back home to New Orleans as he belongs in the Black and Gold. Geaux Saints!

  3. HELLO!!! They shouldn’t have let him go to start with. He will always be a Saint so why make another mistake and not sign him.

  4. I agree 1000%. Anderson shouldn’t have been let go to begin with, but they let him go anyway. Now, after quite a few seasons of so-so and really bad kickers, I think they need to re-think signing him. Sure, the guy has a few years on him and he’s a little seasoned, but SO WHAT? He could’ve made every kick the other kickers missed blindfolded! And he ALWAYS came through when it was important to the team. He didn’t choke, he didn’t miss, nothing of the sort. BRING HIM BACK!!! For the love of all that is black and gold, BRING HIM BACK!!!!

  5. WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR??? Sign the man! He wants to be a Saint and WE NEED HIM!

  6. Well that’s a “No Brainer”!

  7. Morten is the only all time highest scoring player for two NFL teams, the Saints and Falcons. He put a respectable 83% through in his last season. It’s stupid to not give him a try.

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