Mackel Halloween

For the first time since my senior year of college in the fall of 1996 I dressed up for halloween.

My twin brother Travers and I both dressed up.

His costume was much better than mine.

He went as Saints quarterback Drew Brees, I went as…I’m not really sure…I bought the blue leisure suit at the ‘Funky Monkey’ on Magazine Street. It said ‘one size fits all’…all being anyone bigger then my 5’11, 160 pounds….because this cheap outfit swallowed me!  

Matt, Carl, Travers, Kara, Kim and Me 


Travers and I


WDSU photojournalist/editor Jane Boulen likes Travers costume.  Jane has been covering the Saints since their inception (yes, that long…she used to shoot on film!) and Drew Brees is her favorite all time player.

In all I swear New Orleans is an amazing spot for halloween.  I’d put the block party on Frenchmen St. in the Marigny against any party in any city.


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  1. I thought you were Pee Wee Herman for Halloween, Fletch?!?!

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