BCS & Hornets Ramblings

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Random thoughts:

How about Texas Tech???

Just for the record (check the blog) I said 2 months ago that I thought Tech would knock-off Texas and Oklahoma…run the table and play in the BCS title game.

I still feel that way.  I know the Red Raiders have 3 very difficult games remaining (Oklahoma State, Oklahoma and a potential conference championship game against Missouri) but I think with Graham Harrell and Michael Crabtree they will run the table and play for the BCS Championship.  They remind me of Hawaii a season ago.  This is their year.  Hawaii needed to run the table to get to the BCS….they needed Colt Brennan to be great all year.  Brennan was and Hawaii’s dream came true. Texas Tech will do the same.  Harrell will win the Heisman and the Red Raiders will face Penn State in the BCS title game.

As for the Sugar Bowl…I think Florida will beat Alabama in the SEC Championship game and come to play here in the Superdome.  Who will the Gators face?

For the second straight year an undefeated WAC team will be in New Orleans.  Boise State.

The Broncos have an easy path to an undefeated season.  The Sugar Bowl has the first choice of at-large teams and though bowl officials may be thinking about the Big East Champion…I think having an undefeated team like Boise would be better for the game and the city.     

Other BCS bowl game perdictions:

*Fiesta Bowl:

Texas vs. Alabama


USC vs. Ohio St.


Maryland vs. Pitt

*LSU bowl game prediction:

LSU vs. Missouri in the Cotton Bowl


The Hornets are real good and real clutch.  James Posey has been everything he was advertised as.

In the new ESPN power rankings the Hornets are #2 just behind the Lakers. Good spot.

That said, I still think the team needs a better back-up point guard.  Sure, Mike James won’t be asked to do much behind Chris Paul…but right now he’s terrible.  If he doesn’t pick it up the team may be forced to go get someone. (The Hornets should have signed combo guard Delonte West in the off-season like I said!!!!!)

Also, I think the Hornets could use one more big body as a back-up center.  I’m going to hold off on saying the team needs to get someone because Hilton Armstrong and Melvin Ely have been servicable….and maybe Sean Marks will give the Hornets something when he gets healthy.

Also, get ready for red and white Hornets jerseys. The team will honor the New Orleans Buccaneers of the old ABA by wearing the vintage duds. 

Reportedly the Hornets will wear the Bucs uniforms in 3 games…once in February, March and April.

Websites are selling Chris Paul white Bucs jerseys online.  Can’t wait to see the red ones.


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