Yes We Can

I’m not gonna lie….I love politics as much as sports.

After Katrina I spent a year covering politics in New Orleans and found each day thrilling.

Today, I’m of course back in sports but always watching and sharing opinions on local and national politics.

Inspired by the election of Barack Obama…I decided to borrow his line “yes we can” to share my thoughts on a major project in New Orleans.

Below you can read about the revitalization of City Park.  A project that I wish the Governor, Lt. Governor, Mayor and city council members would champion. 

This is a dream project that should be pushed through…..a project that we should be talking about more.

Also, to view the master plan and learn more about the work being done by great men like Mike Rodrigue and Gary Solomon click on this link:



A Rebuilt Golf Course Renews a Neighborhood

Erik S. Lesser for The New York Times

Tom Cousins and his wife, Ann, at East Lake Golf Club in Atlanta.


ATLANTA — When Tom Cousins, an Atlanta commercial real estate mogul, first floated his radical ideas to build a mixed-income housing community, using golf — of all things — as a cornerstone to help resurrect the decaying, crime-ridden neighborhood of East Lake, most of his colleagues and friends — even the mayor of Atlanta — said the same thing.

–>“They told me I was crazy,” Cousins said last week, smiling as he sat on the porch of a home across the street from East Lake Golf Club, where 30 of the world’s best golfers are competing for a $7 million purse in the Tour Championship, the last of four events in the playoffs for the FedEx Cup.

Crazy was not the worst word Cousins heard to describe him and his plan to improve a neighborhood that was one of the worst crime zones in the country. He was opposed by many of the people he sought to help and by many government agencies.

“I wasn’t so sure about him,” said Eva Davis, a resident of the East Lake Meadows housing project since the 1970s. “We had heard so many promises before from other rich people who said they’d change things and never did. Why should we trust this one? He had to prove himself.”



And just to throw my two cents in…I’d love to see this City Park project come to fruition.


I’d also love to see big ideas like the complete revitalization of Lake Pontchartrain become a reality. This property is arguably the most underutilized lake property in North America. Maybe reach out to the people that developed Seaside, Florida and let them come take a crack at Lake Pontchartrain.


Also, after traveling to London with the Saints and using the cities amazing underground/overground system to get around I’d love to see some type of light rail system built that connects Baton Rouge, New Orleans and the Mississippi Gulf Coast.

Big ideas, of course…but big ideas give people hope…and right now I think we all think the same thing:



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