Miles Or Haslett?

After watching the LSU/Alabama game Saturday night I can’t help but think of former Saints coach Jim Haslett.

Why Haslett?les2haz

Because LSU coach Les Miles seems to be channeling Jim Haslett.

Les Miles refused to bench struggling quarterback Jarrett Lee Saturday. Lee threw 4 interceptions, one which was returned for a score and another which came in overtime at a crucial point in the game.  Lee seemed to be out of sync all afternoon.  From missing wide open receivers on easy passes into the flat…to not picking up blitzes…Lee proved to a national TV audience that he was in over his head.

So why did Miles stick with him?jarrettlee_032608

In my opinion Miles didn’t want to yank the young signal caller out of the game and ruin his confidence for the future.

But if your QB is so weak-minded that getting benched when he plays bad would ruin him…is he a big time SEC QB?

Had Miles yanked Lee he’d have had to play true freshman Jordan Jefferson.  Some would argue that Jefferson is not ready for such a high pressure situation…but now we’ll never know.jordanjefferson2

Maybe Jefferson would have come in and played over his head and led the Tigers to one of the most memorable wins in school history.

Now back to Haslett.

Back in 2002 Haslett was faced with the same type of situation as Miles.  Haslett had the opportunity to bench an injured and struggling Aaron Brooks for Jake Delhomme.  Haslett refused and it cost the Saints a playoff spot.  abdelhomme

Three weeks ago (6 years after the fact) Haslett admitted he made a mistake and that he should have played Delhomme.  Haslett said he never yanked Brooks because he was worried about the psyche of his fragile QB. That fragile psyche is now one of the reasons Brooks is out of the NFL. 

So what’s my point?  Head coaches, at all levels, protect the player at the teams most high profile position….and they’re usually wrong when they do this!

Haslett should have played Delhomme….Miles should have played Jefferson!

It’s that simple!


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