My New BCS Bowl Game Predictions

***BCS National Championship Game:

tt1Texas Tech vs. Floridauf

-I think Tx. Tech is a team of destiny….they’ll run the table and face SEC champion Florida in the title game.  

***Sugar Bowl:

bamaAlabama vs. Boise Stateboise1

-Alabama comes to New Orleans after losing to Florida in SEC Championship game.  Sugar Bowl officials could take a Big X at large school (Ohio State/Michigan St.) or the Big East champ (Pitt.) but Boise State travels plenty of fans and this match up is intriguing. 


***Fiesta Bowl:

utlonghornsTexas vs. Utahutah

-Texas goes as the Big XII at-large and plays an undefeated Utah team. Like the Sugar Bowl, another intriguing match-up.

***Rose Bowl

uscUSC vs. Penn Statepennstate

Traditional Pac-10 vs. Big X champions.

***Orange Bowl:

uncNorth Carolina vs. Ohio St. or Pitt.ohiostatepitt

The wild card game.  The Orange Bowl automatically gets the ACC champion….but the league is so wide open it could be any one of five current teams.  I like UNC.  The Orange Bowl then gets the last at-large pick because the BCS title game is in the same city.  The Fiesta and Sugar Bowls could take a Big X or Big East team but I think they’ll stay with the undefeated teams (Utah & Boise St.) in their games…meaning Ohio State (or even Michigan State if OSU loses down the stretch) or Pitt ends up in the Orange Bowl.


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