Shockey On The Way Out???

This post courtesy: Mike Florio

In the wake of images of Saints quarterback Drew Brees giving the verbal business to tight end Jeremy Shockey during Sunday’s season-killing loss to the Falcons, we’re hearing that multiple players and coaches have privately been making it known that Shockey is not Mr. Popularity in the locker room.

As one source told us, Shockey already is “hated” by more than a few members of the organization.

The reasons relate to both on-field and off-field conduct.  “Things in London, things in practice, things in games,” the source said.

Though we thought this eventually would happen in New Orleans, we didn’t think it would unfold so soon.  Instead, we thought that Shockey would be on his best behavior for his first year with the team, in an effort to prove to the folks in New York that he wasn’t a problem.

Our guess is that Shockey might not get a chance to extend his stay in New Orleans by a second season.  His salary is due to spike from $1.925 million to $3.025 million next year.  Absent a steep reduction in his salary, Shockey might join DeAngelo Hall as players on whom second-round and fifth-round picks were wasted

Saints Shockey FootballMeanwhile, the Giants are soaring at 8-1, and they’ll have a chance to get even better next year with two of the the Saints’ draft picks. 

In fact, there’s still a chance that, in the end, the Giants instead will have New Orleans’ first-round pick, which currently is on track to be much higher in the round than anyone expected.

Thanks in no small part to Shockey.


2 Responses

  1. i agree he needs to go. when your qb has more confidence in the 2nd and 3rd TE over you that’s a problem. shockey is a diva and will always be one.

  2. It isn’t right how Jeremy Shockey is behaving. He needs to be traded.

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