Tulane Coach…Frank Wilson

Another week, another beat down for the Tulane Green Wave.  Just last month the wave were being touted as a bowl team after staying close with top 20 teams Alabama and East Carolina and then winning two games.

They’ve since lost 5 straight and are now 2 and 7 overall.
In the five losses Bob Toldeo’s team has been outscored 187-75!
I know it’s easy to kick a struggling team when they’re down…but I was kicking Tulane back in December of 2006 when they hired Bob Toledo.

I make no secret of the fact that I’m a big Tulane fan. I want to see the green men do well and it pains me to show highlights of them getting routed.

I know playing in a non-BCS conference hurts Tulane but their is no excuse for such futility.That said, will Bob Toledo turn it around?LSU Tulane Football

Coach Toledo is a good man, a good motivator and a guy that has probably forgotten more football than most will ever know. But at Tulane, you have to be creative to win.Tommy Bowden turned the program around quickly because he utilized the players he had to the best of their abilities.Chris Scelfo was able to win the Hawaii Bowl because he followed Bowden’s blueprint.Toledo will never be successful at Tulane if he continues to try and play smash mouth, old school football.
Go back a decade and look at all the non-BCS teams that have crashed the BCS party.
Urban Myer’s Utah team (and the Utah club this year) used the spread option and went to the Fiesta Bowl.

Boise State used a gimmick offense and beat Oklahoma in one of the most memorable Fiesta Bowl’s ever played.Hawaii rode their run and shoot offense to the Sugar Bowl.All mid-major programs that put themselves on the map because they didn’t try to play smash mouth football against the bigger and stronger big boys.
Tulane can be a top program in Conference USA but they have to build a program the right way….and the right way for Tulane is not like UCLA, LSU or Penn State.
Die hard Green Wave fans are even starting to lose faith. Tulane gave back 4,000 of their 7,000 ticket allotment for the LSU game.

Now….will Bob Toledo be fired after this season? No
Next season? Probably not.
But when Tulane realizes Toledo’s style does not work I will once again be pushing my man for the job.

Green Wave fans….start studying up on University of Southern Mississippi assistant Frank Wilson.

frankWilson is a tough New Orleanian who took O. Perry Walker to the state final. He left the prep ranks for Ole Miss where he recruited some of the Rebels best players…guys that will be first round picks in 2009.

Wilson is a creative offensive mind who I truly believe would win at Tulane.




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