LSU’s Trash is JSU’s Treasure

me-on-wdsu By: Keli Fulton, Guest Blogger


Back in 2005, I read a book by Greg Behrendt (author of “He’s Just Not That Into You”) titled, “It’s Called a Breakup Because It’s Broken”. I was going through a breakup at the time so reading the book was very therapeutic. But besides getting over my breakup, this book taught me just about everyone goes through what the writers call “dumper’s remorse”. This is when the “dumper” feels bad about getting rid of the “dumpee” and often wants to reconcile.

Over the past few weeks, the last five to be exact, I’ve wondered if Les Miles has been suffering from “dumper’s remorse” after his divorce from quarterback Ryan Perrilloux. In the last five weeks, LSU has lost three conference games; and in two of the losses they were outscored 103-59. You have to wonder if that would be the case for the defending national champs, who’ve been ranked as high as 3rd in the AP Poll, if Perrillouxwere still around.

Of course I’m not condoning whatever idiotic behavior Perrilloux took part in to get himself exiled from Tigerland after he had multiple chances to get the Runaway R Train back on track; but you can’t help thinking LSU would be ranked much higher than 20th in the BCS!

Sure, the Tigers journey to the 2007 National Title was largely due their defense, which had a lot of holes to fill due to the departure of guys like Glenn Dorsey and Craig Steltz, but the last time I checked the D-Line still has some heavyweights in Kirston Pittman and Tyson Jackson.

But the hole left by Matt Flynn, can’t be ignored (of course Miles expected the hole to be filled by Perrilloux, but I told you how that chapter ended earlier).

I’m sure Miles is wishing nothing but great things for Perrilloux with his new team, Jacksonville State. But if he’s like most people, there’s probably at least a tiny part of him who hopes Perrilloux and his new boo, don’t work out. Sorry Jennifer Aniston, um I mean Les Miles, this new couple seems to be a well oiled machine.

Through 10 games at Jacksonville State, Perrilloux has thrown for 2,199 yards for an Ohio Valley Conference leading 219.9 yards per game. He’s thrown 19 touchdowns (2nd most in the OVC), has rushed for seven touchdowns and has the Gamecocks ranked 1st in the OVC in total offense. Sure the OVC ain’t in the same ‘hood as the SEC, but you can’t argue that these numbers means he’s ballin’! By the way, JSU is 5-2 in conference (7-3 Overall) and has a chance to get into the FCS(formerly Div. 1-AA) playoffs with a win Saturday.

These numbers are a big improvement over the numbers JSU put up just one year ago. In 2007, the gamecocks were 8thin both pass offense and total offense (the OVC had 10 teams in 2007), and JSU’s two quarterbacks combined for 1,866 yards and seven touchdowns last year.

Now let’s compare Perrilloux’s numbers with Jarrett Lee’s. Through nine games Lee has thrown 1,608 yards, 13 touchdowns, and 14 interceptions. Just in case you’re wondering Perrilloux has thrown 12 int’s. And compared to Perrilloux, (or most other quarterbacks for that matter) Lee isn’t so good on the run. For the season, Lee averages a 10 yard loss per carry!

Does all of this mean last year’s SEC Championship MVP would have LSUin contention for their second straight National Title? Not necessarily; but because of irreconcilable differences, we’ll never know if Miles and Perrilloux would’ve lived happily ever after.

I guess their breakup was inevitable because their relationship was broken…I’m just sayin!


2 Responses

  1. I am glad to hear that Perrilloux is doing well with Jacksonville State. He is doing better now.

  2. who cares about him. Move on LSU fans. The guy had a ton of chances. Any starting quaterback in a D1 league can compete in his conference.

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