Vince Carter…A Hornet?

The Lakers loss Wednesday night threw me for a loop and had me questioning how good the Hornets really are.

But after watching the Hornets beat an up-and-coming Portland team last night I feel better about Byron Scott’s club.

Devin Brown did a nice job as Chris Paul’s back-up.  Brown replaced Mike James.  Look for the DNP-CD’s to start piling up for James.

Also, Julian Wright played significant minutes for the first time all year and did a nice job which should ease some of the minutes David West was logging.

Now, that said….do I think the Hornets can beat the Lakers if they face them in a playoff series?  No.

The Hornets are a good team, the Lakers are an unstoppable juggernaut! I truly believe the Hornets can beat any team in the west….but the Lakers!

The Hornets have proven that they’re willing to go all out this season and next to deliver New Orleans it’s first major professional championship.  

So I propose a major, blockbuster trade…a trade similiar to the one the Lakers made last year when they obtained Pau Gasol.

Truth be told…this is not my idea, I was reading and a smart fan pitched this idea….I read it and thought….genius!

 I would also make this trade now!  The Lakers got Gasol long before the trade deadline last year and it gave him time to find his rhythm with Kobe and the other players. If I were Hornets GM I would not wait till the trade deadline in February…..I’d see if this deal could get done tomorrrow! 

The trade sends New Jersey Nets SG Vince Carter and PF/C Sean Williams to New Orleans for Morris Peterson, Mike James, Julian Wright and Hilton Armstrong.

And according to the trusty ESPN trade machine…this deal works under NBA salary guidelines:


This Trade Succeeded!

New Jersey Nets

Incoming Players
Mike James
Mike James

Salary: $6,244,093  Years Remaining: 1
PTS: 2.9  REB: 1.0  AST: 1.0  PER: 7.22

Hilton Armstrong
Hilton Armstrong

Salary: $2,032,800  Years Remaining: 2
PTS: 4.3  REB: 3.3  AST: 0.4  PER: 4.00

Julian Wright
Julian Wright

Salary: $1,869,600  Years Remaining: 2
PTS: 0.7  REB: 1.3  AST: 0.3  PER: 0.59

Morris Peterson
Morris Peterson

Salary: $5,592,240  Years Remaining: 3
PTS: 8.3  REB: 3.0  AST: 0.6  PER: 13.49

Outgoing Players: Vince Carter, Sean Williams

New Orleans Hornets

Incoming Players
Vince Carter
Vince Carter

Salary: $14,724,125  Years Remaining: 4
PTS: 22.7  REB: 3.1  AST: 5.1  PER: 22.56

Sean Williams
Sean Williams

Salary: $1,522,920  Years Remaining: 2
PTS: 2.3  REB: 2.3  AST: 0.0  PER: 11.75

Outgoing Players: Mike James, Hilton Armstrong, Julian Wright, Morris Peterson


Why would the Hornets make this trade?

vcVince Carter is one of the most dynamic scorers in the NBA and a guy who at this point of his career is no doubt looking for a ring.  The Hornets have lacked consistent scoring punch all season long and Carter would easily lift them up.  Carter would give the Hornets arguably the best 1-6 in the league: Paul, Carter, Peja, West, Chandler and Posey. 

Sean Williams is an athletic big man capable of backing-up both Tyson and West.

The move also gives the Hornets another ligit superstar…meaning fans have yet another reason to love this team and buy tickets!

Why would the Nets make this trade?

By Christmas the Nets will trail the Boston Celtics by 20 games in their division.

The Nets have also been dumping salaries over the past 12 months trading Jason Kidd and Richard Jefferson.

The Nets are trying to free up as much money as possible to make a run at Lebron James when he hits free agency in 2010.  Moving Carter’s bloated salary is the final piece to giving themselves tremendous financial flexibility.

freak3The Nets have also been drafting well and stock-piling young players like Devin Harris and Yi Jianlian through trades.  In this deal they get two lottery picks in Julian Wright and Hilton Armstrong. 

Two teams going in opposite directions that can help each other. 


4 Responses

  1. Vince Carter a Hornet; this would be awesome! 🙂 😀

  2. No. Please, no. Vince Carter would be nice for a few games and he’d get us SportsCenter a little more often, but the trade you suggest wouldn’t make the Hornets any better. Vince is well past his prime. Julian Wright has an All-Star future ahead of him, so you definitely don’t want to give him up. And as bad as our bench is right now, this trade would make it even worse.

    I didn’t see the thread at HR, but I can only imagine that this trade idea was roundly booed over there.

    One thing I do agree with you on: The Hornets aren’t beating the Lakers in a 7-game series unless something changes. But a trade for VC isn’t the change we need.

  3. no hornets wouldnt do that as much as i want it to if they dont win the nba finals championship then there going to have to relase carter paul west in 1 yr so y are u going to take a riskand lose all those players for no reason

  4. Vince carter is one of the most talented players in the league when he wants to be. That’s the only downside to this deal. However, Vince will be motivated to play with likes of chris Paul, West, and tyson chandler.

    to the guys who said julian wright is an allstar, are you on crack? Vince carter may not be as good as he once was, which was incredible, but he still is one of the best in the league , and julian wright doesnt even compare against carter in any category that matters.

    in short, this deal would be the best move for the hornets. They might just win a championship.

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