Ellis On The Block?

The Warriors are in the midst of a power struggle within their front office as Chris Mullin is in the final season of his current contract.

Matt Steinmetz of the San Francisco Examiner is also the Warriors’ sideline reporter and believes that Mullin’s departure could eventually trigger a trade of Monta Ellis.

‘All the people out there who love Ellis better hope that the Warriors and executive vice president of basketball operations Chris Mullin are able to work things out,’ wrote Steinmetz.

‘Why? Because if Mullin isn’t around, the odds of Ellis getting traded are a lot higher. A lot.

Ellis is Mullin’s guy, plain and simple. Mullin drafted him, Mullin has hung by him and Mullin believes Ellis has that something special of an elite player.

Warriors coach Don Nelson doesn’t exactly share that sentiment.’



FIetcher’s Take: The Warriors and Hornets have dealt with one another before…..the Baron Davis trade. If the Warriors do indeed decide to part ways with Ellis the Hornets should jump into the bidding.  Ellis is a Mississippi native who was thriving playing alongside Baron Davis. Given that CP3 is three times the player Baron is imagine what the 23 year old Ellis could do in NOLA.  Sure, Ellis is coming off an ankle injury and being so small he’ll get bullied around on defense…but the guy can score and the Hornets need scoring right now!monta

I know Hornets coach Byron Scott and GM Jeff Bower believe in their guys and won’t do anything rash so don’t look for the team to be mentioned in any trade talks until the February trade deadline.

Personally, I think the Hornets need one more key piece for a deep playoff run…and until they add that player…I’ll keep throwing crazy trade ideas out there!


2 Responses

  1. I think Monta Ellis would do well with the Hornets.

  2. this would put us in a big 3 sitatuion (ellis, west, and paul). but we do need an upgrade at the shooting guard position.

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