Why Not Marbury?

Okay, maybe this is a panic blog on my part!




I have watched every second of each of the Hornets first 10 games and feel like I am not watching the same team I saw storm the NBA’s western conference less than a year ago.

The swagger is just not there right now.cp3333

Below you’ll find an article I clipped from respected NBA writer Peter Vecsey. He details why the Hornets have not been productive.

Vecsey also suggests the Hornets need another scoring option if they’re going to make a run deep into the post season.

If you scroll down past Vecsey’s article you’ll find all sorts of trades that I’ve suggested that I believe would bolster the Hornets stagnant offense….but now I’ve got an idea that doesn’t involve a trade.

Vescey suggested it and I love this idea.

Why not try to sign embattled New York Knicks guard Stephon Marbury for the veteran minimum…a 1.6 million dollar contract?

Yeah yeah yeah….I know, Marbury had been labeled a cancer…a guy who’s selfish and uncontrollable….a star who’s never led a team anywhere to any type of championship.

All true! Also, Hornets coach Byron Scott clashed with Marbury when both were in New Jersey. Scott even helped push a trade to land Jason Kidd and get rid of Marbury. So I’m not even sure Marbury could play for Scott or if Scott would accept Marbury.act_stephon_marbury

But Marbury is really what the Hornets need. The guy is a scoring machine who could join Chris Paul in the backcourt and push the banged-up and struggling Morris Peterson to a reserve role.

Now is also the perfect time to land the 31 year old Marbury. The Coney Island native is on the verge of being bought out of his contract by the Knicks. Because of an ongoing fight with management Marbury has been rotting on the bench the past year and half and is no doubt chomping at the bit to get back out on the court and prove he’s still an electric playmaker. alg_marbury

Plus, if Marbury shows up and is a good soldier…if he jump starts the Hornets offense and helps them make a deep run in the post-season…he’ll be looking at a nice contract next year.

So why not take a flier on the guy?

I think Byron Scott is a strong enough head coach to control Marbury and that both men have grown up and can put personal feelings aside and work together to make New Orleans a better NBA franchise.

Or maybe I’m just crazy!


3 Responses

  1. I’m starting to believe you’re crazy, Fletch.

    Signing Marbury would be a big risk. First of all, he’s a nutcase and every single team he’s been a part of has gone downhill after he was brought on board. George Shinn has been adamant about stocking the roster with high-character guys, and Marbury doesn’t fit that mold. Not at all.

    Secondly, I’m not convinced he’s got much left to offer on the basketball floor. He’s not the player he once was. If he could still put up big numbers, he’d be getting minutes in New York, no matter his contract status or his attitude.

    I’d rather see us save that roster spot for a proven winner and high-character guy like PJ Brown.

  2. This is the dumbest post I’ve read in a long time. It will never happen. Nor should it. The only other “scoring option” the team needs is Peja. He started slow last season and has again this year. I’m not worried. They’ll get that “swagger” back as soon as they start winning again. And if they need a couple of games against the Thunder to do that, so be it. At least they’re not the Knicks.

  3. Marbury would be good for the Hornets! 😀

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