Dream Sugar Bowl



With Oregon State beating Arizona it’s looking more and more like the Beavers will play in the Rose Bowl against Penn State.  OSU controls it’s own destiny…all they have to do is beat in-state rival Oregon next week and they’re off to Pasadena. The OSU/Oregon game will be played in Corvallis so OSU is in good shape.

osu-beavIf Oregon State advances to the Rose Bowl (and if the Big XII champ faces the SEC champ in the BCS title game) USC will be an at-large BCS team and will end up in the Fiesta Bowl or the Sugar Bowl.

I’m sure the Fiesta Bowl will put up a strong fight to get the Trojans but I also know the men who run the Sugar Bowl won’t go down without a fight. 

Can you imagine an Alabama vs. USC Sugar Bowl?  How’s about Florida vs. USC? Amazing stuff! usc1bama1

I truly believe Florida is unstoppable right now and that the Gators will beat Alabama in the SEC Championship game and will play in the BCS title game.  That said, I think the Sugar Bowl will have Alabama as one of it’s two teams and the thought of Nick Saban going head-to-head against Pete Carroll is quite exciting.petecsaban1

Now, if the Sugar does not get USC the team more than likely coming to New Orleans is Utah.  I love the way the undefeated Utes play but Alabama vs. Utah isn’t quite as sexy and won’t garner near the national TV audiance the Trojans would.utah2

We’ll see how it all shakes out…but if you feel like I do and are dreaming of USC and ‘Bama….than start pulling hard for Oregon State (a team led by former Saints assistant coach Mike Riley).reily


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  1. USC in the Sugar Bowl! This would be nice! 😀

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