LSU Bowl Game

60716_41mississippi-lsu-football_sffAfter the beat down Ole Miss put on LSU it looks like a lock that the Rebels will play in the Cotton Bowl in Dallas against the Big XII team shut out of the BCS….my prediction for the Cotton Bowl is Ole Miss vs. Texas Tech.

So which bowl game does LSU go to now after losing to Ole Miss?

It’s going to be one of two games.  The Chick-fil-A Bowl in Atlanta or the Music City Bowl in Nashville. chichfilamusic-city

The Chick-fil-A pays 2.4 million…the Music City 1.6.

Even though the Music City pays less I think LSU will want to go to Nashville.  The Tigers have been to Atlanta two of the last three years for SEC Championships and a Chick-fil-A bowl appearance against Miami. 

Nashville is new and will motivate fans, many of whom are upset with the school’s four losses, to travel.

And who do I think LSU will face in the Music City Bowl?  It has to be an ACC team.  The ACC is kind of a joke to me….so many mediocore teams….but I think the one LSU will play is….drum roll please:


So there you have it…as of 11:22 pm on Saturday, November 22nd I think the LSU Tigers will play the Maryland Terps in the Music City Bowl in Nashville.

Thrilling isn’t it?  {Yawn!}


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  1. LSU would definitely beat Maryland in the Music City Bowl game! Geaux Tigers! 😀

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