In the most unequivocal acknowledgement yet that the supposedly all-natural StarCaps product has been spiked with Bumetanide, the manufacturer of the substance has issued an “urgent nationwide recall” of the product.

The recall is outlined in a release posted on the FDA web site.

But the recall applies only to one specific lot:  12/2011 — 84810.  The lot includes 1,974 bottles distributed from August 2008 through October 30, 2008.

Previously, Balanced Health Products, Inc. had merely suspended shipments of StarCaps.  The front page of the StarCaps web site mentions the suspension of shipments, but says nothing about the recall.

(Fletcher’s Note: 3 Saints players, Deuce McAllister, Will Smith and Charles Grant face four game suspensions from the for taking StarCaps and testing positive for Bumetanide…which is a banned substance)