Do Byron & CP3 Get Along?

I usually love Bill Simmons articles…but I think this one of terrible!  A joke!  One of the most foolish things I’ve ever read.



by: Bill Simmons

ESPN Page 2

After sitting a few rows behind their bench for Monday’s game against the Clippers, I realized the Hornets’ problems went deeper. You can tell from the stands when teams are happy and everyone is on the same page. For instance, I watched the Spurs beat the Clippers without Manu and Parker-Longoria; as long as Duncan and Popovich are around, and as long as they keep building around character guys, things can’t splinter for them. That Pop-Duncan foundation is just too strong. You could see it during every timeout huddle, you could see it with how they interacted and supported each other, and you could see it with the way they carried themselves. When Roger Mason drained the game-winning 3-pointer, there was no chest-pounding or pointing to God, just a quiet fist pump and a leisurely walk back to the huddle. It’s a professional team in every sense. op4s-5370

The Hornets gave me a different vibe. They seemed a little detached, surprising since they have so many character guys on the team: Chris Paul, Tyson Chandler, David West, James Posey. Really, their only chemistry wild card is Mike James and he barely plays. I mistakenly believed it would be one of those lovefest teams that players josh around during the shootarounds before each half and hug each other too much. Nope. Midway through the second quarter, I asked my friend Tollin, “Are we sure the Hornets like their coach?” After all, the Nets practically revolted against Byron Scott four years ago. So there is a precedent.


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  1. Fletcher,

    This is just another example of how the internet, forums, blogs, etc. have just about ruined sports all the way from the high school level to the pros. It seems that everyone with a keyboard has an opinion and most of them have NO idea what it takes to coach and play the games. This is a monster that is out of control and what is sad is that coaches and players(especially at the lower levels) have to read this mess!

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