Random Monday Thoughts

Eagles Saints Football***Here’s to greener pastures for Deuce McAllister.  I hate to say it because Deuce is a friend, but McAllister’s career with the Saints is probably over. If Deuce’s suspension comes down today he will miss the final four games of the regular season.  The reality is Coach Sean Payton does not value Deuce anymore.  I just hope one of the classiest guys in the NFL gets one more year to play a role on a team where he’s wanted. I’d love to see Deuce in Indianapolis backing-up Joseph Addai or in Green Bay behind Ryan Grant. 

***The Saints better find a running back for 2009.  Reggie Bush IS NOT the answer!  Coach Sean Payton and the Saints ‘yes men’ can talk all they want about the team leading the NFL in offense but the last time the Saints won (2006) they had a perfectly balanced attack.  Payton has to stop trying to force the ball into Reggie’s hands.  Go find an every down back who can go north-south.Eagles Saints Football

***Assuming the Saints miss the playoffs this year (which they will) who pays the price?  Coach Sean Payton landed a nice extension following a week one win over Tampa Bay.  Does GM Mickey Loomis fall on the sword?  I doubt it.  Last year the Saints made Rick Mueller the fall guy but I can’t see an executive getting the ax this year.  Loomis is tied too closely to Payton so owner Tom Benson will probably give Mickey one more year.  Although a new GM to come in here and shake Payton a bit may be just what the doctor ordered!  Saints Draft FootballDo the Saints fire assistant coaches?  Probably, they made similiar cosmetic changes after the 2004 season to show they were trying to improve.  Do they gut the team of most of the veteran players?  Yeah.  I know this locker room is full of great guys, some of the best athletes I’ve ever interviewed…but losses mean changes.

***LSU will lose 3 to 5 SEC games again next year and coach Les Miles will barely be able to sit on the hot seat in Baton Rouge.  I believe this will happen because I have no clue who’s playing quarterback for LSU in 2009!  Sure, Jordan Jefferson looked good against a bad Arkansas team, but remember, Jarrett Lee looked good against a bad Auburn team.  Do the Tigers really believe they can play true freshman Russell Shepard and win? 3 to 5 conference losses!  How can a school like LSU not have a reliable QB waiting in the wings? Look at USC, they’ve stock-piled signal callers. LSU has tremendous depth at every position…but the most important position.   

***No one will beat the Florida Gators the rest of this season.  They’ll beat Alabama in the SEC title game and then Oklahoma or Texas in the BCS Championship game.  Florida’s players are too fast on both sides of the ball for anyone to keep up with.  After watching them man-handle Florida State in a hurricane over the weekend I’m convinced no one in the country is anywhere close to being as talented as Florida.   timtebow_010308   

***I hope Sugar Bowl executives tell Ohio State to take a hike and pick Boise State.  Ohio State has laid an egg in each of the last two BCS title games and doesn’t deserve to go to another.  The Buckeyes have two losses this season and no one is talking about Jim tressel’s team.  Boise is undefeated and would be a great match-up for a one-loss Alabama team.  Having Alabama and their passionate fans means the city is in good shape…so taking Boise (who’ll bring fewer fans then Ohio State) will not hurt the economy.  I’d love to see the Sugar Bowl do the right thing and take Boise State over Ohio State!boise

***I have watched every second of every Hornets game this year and right now I’m not sure this team could beat any top club in the west in a seven game series!  Lakers, no way…Rockets, not if Houston is healthy…Utah, not a chance…Portland, nope, too young and deep for the Hornets.  Peja’s inconsistent shooting, the stretches of scoreless play, the way other teams seem to dictate the game…I keep waiting for the Honets to flip the switch and go on a run that made everyone believe last year….until they do, I’ll continue to lobby for the team to trade for another player to help bolster their scoring!  bee


3 Responses

  1. I hope that things go better for the Saints & LSU next year.

  2. Bush is a Bust!! Leave it at that!

  3. hi,really great jeans,do you know where i can find that.thanks,bill

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