Hey Tulane…Follow Vandy’s Lead!

I think all Tulane fans, coaches, players and administrators should watch this story.


I clipped this report because I’ve grown extremely tired of listening to certain Tulane coaches bemoan what they don’t have!  Certain coaches feel like fighting the administration will eventually result in the school softening their academic standards.  This is the wrong attitude to take.

Coaches who believe change is needed should move on or be fired. It’s not going to happen.

Once coaches wrap their heads around this they’ll be better off. 

I have always believed that hiring hungry young coaches not spoiled from life at major programs would better serve Tulane.  Also hiring locals who want to make the school and city a better place is invaluable.

That said, when football coach Bob Toledo and basketball coach Dave Dickerson are sent packing I’ve got potential replacement.


Jimmy Tillette tillette


Duane Reboulreboul-web



Frank Wilsonfrank-wilson



One Response

  1. Tulane should follow Vandy’s lead in regards to this, I agree. 🙂

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