Helping The Hornets

Look, the Hornets are going to mkae the playoffs and they’re going to be a force.

But are they a championship club?  Do the Hornets have the pieces in place to make a serious run at the Lakers in the western conference? NO!

So what can the team do to get better?

They can get a scorer off the bench!  Last night the second unit almost blew a 15 point lead while the starters watched from the bench. 

Also, Morris Peterson’s ailing knee doesn’t seem to be getting better and I would not be surprised to see him shelved for the rest of the season. 

Last week I suggested the Hornets take a flier on trouble-maker Stephone Marbury.  Coach Byron Scott coached the controversial Marbury in Jersey and told me Marbury will never play for the Hornets.

So I have some possible trades the team may want to start looking into.

TRADE #1:016159574


Why: Morrison is a bad defender but a solid shooter who would could perhaps flourish the way the Hornets create space and give shooters open looks.  Julian Wright is stuck on the Hornets bench and although he’s a solid defender, JuJu is not a scorer. A change of scenery for both young players may be good. 

TRADE #2:  marko


Why: Throughout his career Jaric has been a solid combo guard.  He’s averaged nearly 10 points per game during his stints with the Clippers and T’Wolves.  He’s now stuck on the Memphis bench and looking for a way out.  His contract runs two years longer than James does but if Jaric can help the Hornets win now I say make the deal!  The Grizzlies don’t get much with James except a bad contract off their books sooner.

TRADE #3: monta


Why: Golden State is floundering and not going anywhere this season.  They’ve also got way too many shooting guards! I count 8 players on the GS roster who are pure 2-guards or combo guards.  The two who play the most, Jamal Crawford and Corey Maggette are ball hogs who can’t play together right now….what happens when Ellis returns from injury?  Sure the Warriors will try to play Ellis at the point but if Golden State is foolish enough to try and deal Ellis (who is not a favorite of coach Don Nelson) then the Hornets should do whatever possible to land a 23 year old scoring machine who’s from the Gulf South.


2 Responses

  1. Fletch, just stop. Please stop.

    (By the way, I have a hard time taking anything you write seriously since you predicted the Bulls to make the Finals this season in Where Y’At magazine. I mean, that was a joke, right?)

  2. The Hornets should consider these trades.

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