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jim_haslett_0001Unlike his predecessor Jim Haslett, current Saints head coach Sean Payton seems to learn from his mistakes in a shorter time.





Like most type-A coaches Haslett believed in what he was doing and the players he was doing it with….to a fault.sean-payton-custom

Haslett stuck with Aaron Brooks when he should have played Jake Delhomme in 2002….and Haslett routinely brought in players with questionable attitudes but tremendous athletic ability believing he was the guy who’d turn them into something special.

Only recently, 3 years after being fired did Haslett admit he made serious mistakes with the Saints.

Payton seemed to be heading down the same path. Payton’s pass-happy offense looked good in the stat book but terrible in the win-loss column and the coach didn’t seem to understand his unbalanced offense wasn’t working.

But on Sunday Payton didn’t try to continue jamming his square peg into the round hole. Payton balanced his offense (32 passes, 30 rushes) and the Saints earned a much needed win over arch-rival Atlanta.

So kudos to Sean Payton for seeing the light and learning from his mistakes. seanpayton_f06

That said, I think the Saints are going to finish 10-6 or 9-7 and miss the playoffs and Payton is to blame because had he didn’t commit to running the ball against Washington and Denver early in the season.


Another Sugar Bowl rout.

bamaI’m very excited to see that Alabama is coming to the Sugar Bowl. No doubt in my mind, the ‘Bama fans will come to New Orleans in force and make the game one of the most profitable ever. I’ve even got confidence in Utah do draw. The Utes brought a huge contingent with them to the Fiesta Bowl in 2005 .

What worries me the game itself!

I believe that fans are in store for another Georgia/Hawaii massacre!brennan

Even though they were 12-0 the Warriors should not have been on the same field with a bigger, stronger, faster Georgia team.

Yeah yeah yeah….I know, the Mountain West Conference performed very well against the Pac-1o this season….but the Pac-10 is a joke!

Utah will get blown away by the Crimson Tide….they’ll be wishing for a patsy opponent (Pitt) like they had back in the Fiesta Bowl in 2005.


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  1. I hope that next season is better for the Saints.

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