Rasheed For Tyson?

-Sports illustrated Magazine is suggesting the Hornets make the below trade:

C-F Rasheed Wallace to the Hornets; C Tyson Chandler to the Pistons
New Orleans’s payroll next season is $77 million, threatening owner George Shinn with a $6 million luxury-tax bill that he can’t afford. The Hornets would drop below the threshold when Wallace’s $13.9 million salary comes off the books this summer, and they can claim that he improves their immediate title hopes by providing a versatile scoring option to go with Chris Paul and David West. rasheedwallaceIn Chandler, Detroit would gain a longer version of Ben Wallace to protect the rim—without giving up Allen Iverson’s expiring contract.tyson


I’ve been pitching trade ideas at the Hornets for weeks…..and I wish I’d have thought of this one!

I love Tyson Chandler…and if I were calling the shots it would be difficult for me to move him…but after watching this team strugle offensively…I think this deal is good and should be done.


2 Responses

  1. This sounds like a good trade for the Hornets to make! 🙂

  2. Tyson has definitely had a rough season. His talent has def been questioned. The only problem with rasheed wallace is foul trouble. He gets into it early and he does have a temper. However he undoubtedly has a lot of skill and we know he is a capable scoring and blocking threat. If we plan on going to a championship this year then i do agree this trade needs to be made even though i’ll be sad to see tyson go.

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