On the day that the Panthers were supposed to begin the process of exorcising the demons of two years of underachievement, we might have seen the last of quarterback Jake Delhomme in black and Carolina blue.

Five interceptions and a fumble for a 34-year-old quarterback entering the final year of his contract could be enough to prompt the Panthers to move in a different direction.

Especially with a decent number of quarterbacks available via trade or free agency, and with Delhomme due to earn $5.325 million in 2009.jake-delhomme-1

One thing’s certain — there will be plenty of voices in Charlotte calling for the team to bid farewell to Jake.  Ever since Delhomme exploded onto the scene in 2003, there has been periodic whispers and concerns that he’s simply not good enough to be a high-end NFL quarterback.

If there was any doubt, tonight’s performance removed it.

And here’s something to keep in mind:  At one point in the 2008 offseason, agent Bus Cook was privately saying that Brett Favre wanted to play for the Panthers.