The “New Orleans” Matrix?

In a blog posted below you’ll find a link to an article from the Miami Herald newspaper discussing possible trades involving Shawn Marion.

Marion has an expiring 17 million dollar contract and would provide any team he’s traded too with tremendous versitility and offense.shawn_625_080212-726670


Reportedly the Hornets have floated possible trade scenarios toward Miami regarding Marion.

I think acquiring Marion could put the Hornets over the top and would be exactly what the team needs to make a run at the Lakers and Spurs in the playoffs.

Now, their is a down side to the deal.  Because Marion makes so much money the Hornets would have to part with two very popular and relatively productive players.

Here is the deal:

New Orleans Hornets

Incoming Players
Shawn Marion
Shawn Marion

Salary: $17,810,000  Years Remaining: 1
PTS: 12.3  REB: 9.2  AST: 1.9  PER: 16.02

Outgoing Players: Tyson Chandler, Devin Brown, Julian Wright

Miami Heat

Incoming Players
Tyson Chandler
Tyson Chandler

Salary: $11,350,000  Years Remaining: 3
PTS: 8.8  REB: 8.3  AST: 0.5  PER: 14.29

Devin Brown
Devin Brown

Salary: $998,398  Years Remaining: 1
PTS: 5.1  REB: 2.2  AST: 0.9  PER: 9.64

Julian Wright
Julian Wright

Salary: $1,869,600  Years Remaining: 2
PTS: 2.7  REB: 1.2  AST: 0.8  PER: 11.81

Outgoing Players: Shawn Marion

Miami is looking for a true center so Chandler would fit-in in south Florida.  The Heat would no doubt want Julian Wright as icing on the cake.  Wright has not played much for the Hornets but is still a former lottery pick with great upside. Devin Brown is a throw-in to make the deal work money-wise.
The Heat get a young center and a young forward that would form a great nucleus with Dwayne Wade and Michael Beasley. 
The Hornets sacrafice for the future (and they sacrafice size) by trying to win now…but make no mistake, Marion would help the Hornets win now!
Marion would play out of position and be the smallest center in the western conferecne but he played well at center back in 2005-2006 when due to injury he played center for the Phoenix Suns.
Also, last time I checked the Hornets having Tyson Chandler in the paint did not slow down the Lakers.
Blockbuster deal?  Yep!
Would I do it? Probably! Winning NOW  is very very important for the Hornets and their growing fan base.

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  1. A Marion acquisition would be interesting. I think for the short term it would work….but if he has a bad season then i wont be as nice.

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