Saints New Safety?

Posted by Mike Florioflorio3

Veteran safety Darren Sharper, a 12-year veteran whose contract with the Vikings has expired, likely won’t be returning to Minnesota for a fifth season.

The thinking in league circles is that the Vikings won’t have the cap space to pay Sharper close to his market value, given that the team signed safety Madieu Williams as part of last year’s free-agent splurge.sharper

The presence of Tyrell Johnson, a hard-hitting second-round pick in 2008, also could make Sharper a luxury that the team can’t afford.

We’ve already heard some speculation that the Saints might make a run at Sharper, as they attempt to beef up their defense in order to keep coach Sean Payton from getting fired.

Sharper spent the first eight years of his career with the Packers, before making the intra-division leap to Minnesota. He has 54 career interceptions, which currently ranks 18th on the all-time list.

Only four more picks would put Sharper in the top ten — and he needs only eight to tie Dick LeBeau and Dave Brown for seventh place with 62.

So, yeah, Dick LeBeau really should be in Canton, given his combined playing and coaching exploits. With a few more solid seasons, Sharper likely will have earned a spot, too.


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  1. saints could another vetran. he is def an upgrade over kaeshveharn and harper. it depends on his asking price though, especially if we are in the running for asoumugha (my spelling is bad).

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