Getting To Know Vontae Davis

The NFL draft is still months away but after the Senior Bowl last week it’s safe to say the first round of the draft is taking shape.

Thay said,  it’s now time to learn about University of Illinois cornerback Vontae Davis.



On nearly every mock draft that’s been update after the Senior Bowl Davis is projected to go to the Saints.

Will the Saints try to trade down?  Sure.

Will the Saints draft a defensive player other than Davis?  Very good chance.

But right now the thought amongst those who obesse about the draft seem to be all about Vontae Davis.

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“Vontae Davis is the younger brother of San Francisco tight end and former top ten pick, Vernon Davis. Athleticism obviously runs in this family, because both of the Davis brothers are freakishly strong and fast. Vontae is coming off an impressive sophomore campaign that saw him smother even the best receivers the Big Ten has to offer. Davis finished the season with 76 tackles, 4 tackles for loss, 4 interceptions, 8 passes broken up, and he even blocked 2 kicks on special teams. Other than Malcolm Jenkins, Davis is the best defensive back available in this year’s draft. Davis has the potential to put up an untouchable amount of reps on the bench press, and possibly run in the high 4.3 range in the 40. Davis had a down year by his standards, but Illinois’ abysmal pass rush didn’t make his job any easier. He recorded 78 tackles, 7 tackles for loss, 2 interceptions, 10 passes broken up in coverage, and 3 forced fumbles during the 2008 campaign. During his time at Illinois, Davis has improved drastically. He has gotten to the point where opposing defenses have virtually stopped throwing in his direction; cutting the field in half for offenses. He would be a great fit for an aggressive team because he’s an excellent blitzer. Davis is just as comfortable rushing the passer from the corner spot as he is in coverage. Davis is a sure fire first rounder this year, and shouldn’t slide past the top 20 for any reason.”


3 Responses

  1. davis looked good in the senior bowl…we seriously need to upgrade the secondary…hopefully jenkins or him will still be around

  2. I hope that the Saints can draft Vontae Davis! 🙂

  3. very fast physical corner. what the Saints have been missing from their secondary whether it be corner or safety for years. the Saints don’t have very many draft picks this year so if they don’t trade down to get more picks, then they need to make the few picks they have count. Davis could be the one. drafting a linebacker like Maualuga wouldn’t hurt either.

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