Are The Hornets Done Trading?

I hope the Hornets can pull off one more trade before Thursday’s NBA trade deadline. 

I know people are down on the Tyson Chandler to Oklahoma City deal but fans should not be too upset. 

Look, I like Chandler as much as anyone.  Tyson even did a segment called “Tyson Talk” last year here at WDSU.  But Chandler has regressed as a player and does not have the trade value fans in New Orleans believe he does.  Before today, did you hear Chandler’s name in any real trade rumors???

He’s super popular but once fans look past the personal ties they feel regarding Tyson they’ll realize the Hornets picked up two players who can help the team make a playoff run.



Joe Smith will be David West’s primary back-up.  Smith is really West-lite.  Chris Wilcox is very similiar to Chandler and will no doubt thrive playing alongside Chris Paul (much the way Tyson did).      

I realize fans look at this trade as a straight salary dump…which it partially is….Smith and Wilcox are both free agents this summer so the team will clear 11 million off their books when the season ends….but I think the Hornets can make things right in the eyes of the fans by picking up another ligitimate player that can help the team win a series or two in the playoffs.

The Hornets could package their 2009 1st round pick along with Julian Wright or Hilton Armstrong (because with Smith and Wilcox on board both of those guys have become irrelevant) for a player like the New York Knicks David Lee.  Lee is averaging a double double and would really bolster the


Hornets front court.dlee

And don’t give me any flack about trading away a first round pick….the Hornets got DeVon Hardin in the Chandler Trade.  Hardin is playing in Europe…he’ll return next season and will in essence be the Hornets draft pick for 2009. 

Other guys the Hornets may be able to obtain for some combination of Wright/Armstrong and a 1st round pick:

 Keleena Azubuike-SG/SF Golden State

Marco Belinelli-SG- Golden State

Joey Graham-SG Toronto

Nate Robinson-PG/SG New York (I think getting the combo guard who’s the slam dunk camp would fire up fans!!!)

Jarvis Hayes-SF New Jersey

Hakim Warrick-PF Memphis

Steve Novak-SG Los Angeles Clippers

Charlie Villanueva-PF/SF Milwaukee (Charlie V will only be dealt if the Bucks can’t move Richard Jefferson’s bloated contract….if Jefferson goes Charlie V stays and will more than likely be re-signed….if Jefferson can’t be dealt….Villanueva is traded.)


4 Responses

  1. I don’t think that the Hornets are done trading… yet. They are going to pull off one more trade before the deadline.

  2. […] in Europe…he’ll return next season and will in essence be the Hornets draft pick for 2009. Read More|||In exchange for Chandler, Oklahoma City will send forward Joe Smith, center Chris Wilcox and the […]

  3. this chandler trade wasn’t a homerun but we did add bench depth. as far as making another move goes i think you do because the way are team is set up we are heading for a first round exit.

  4. i spoke too soon. now that chandler is back to Nola the hornets may pull a last second deal

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